Wireless Into The Future – The LD Systems WS1G8 series

LD Systems introduces the WS1G8 wireless system operating on the license free 1.785 to 1.800 Mhz frequency range. Due to the “Digital Dividend” and spectrum reallocation the 1.8 GHz band is reserved exclusively for audio transmission making the WS1G8 ready for the future with reliable, interference-free performance.
The WS1G8 system specifications include a 50Hz – 16kHz frequency response, 10mW RF transmission power, extremely low THD, squelch noise suppression and a total of 192 channels in 16 groups. The true diversity receiver is available in single and dual versions featuring a backlit multifunction display, automatic channel search and antenna, RF and audio signal indicators.Including cardioid pattern dynamic and condenser handheld microphones and a belt pack the transmitters feature easily readable displays and up to 13 hours operating time with high quality AA batteries.The WS1G8 series allows the use of up to 6 systems simultaneously and is shipped in various configurations. You can choose between dynamic handheld microphones, a beltpack transmitter with either a headset, lavaliere-microphone, clip-on wind instrument microphone or guitar adaptor cable

The WS1G8 is the perfect choice for all wireless audio applications in live and installed sound with the 1.8 GHz band providing convenient cross-border operation throughout Europe. LD Systems is one of two manufacturers only currently offering 1,8 GHz wireless. The future-ready LD packages start at a very affordable 349€!

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Wireless Microphone System with Dynamic Handheld Microphone:

Wireless Microphone System with Condenser Handheld Microphone:

Wireless Microphone System with Belt Pack and Headset.

Wireless Microphone System with Belt Pack and Lavalier Microphone:

Wireless Microphone System with Belt Pack and Guitar Cable:

Wireless Microphone System with Belt Pack and Brass Instrument Microphone:

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