Goliath sound! – the new LD Systems DAVE G³ PA Series with DSP

The new LD Systems DAVE G³ is already the third generation of the portable, powered PA system. The newly designed, high-performance systems in the series are especially suitable for live gigs and presentations. The series also cuts a good figure in small permanent installations, e.g., in bars and restaurants. For the first time, the new products are equipped with intelligent LD LECC DSP, which controls all important system functions.
The extremely flexible and compact DAVE G³ series is available in 10″, 12″, and 15″ versions. All of the versions are thoroughly impressive because of their clear, powerful sound and top-rate value for money.

The new LD LECC DSP guarantees perfect interaction and controlled functions. The digital signal processing includes specially optimised crossovers and separate equalizers and limiters for the bass, mid, and treble frequency ranges. A dynamic compressor that controls the subwoofer according to volume and provides for increased punch even at low volumes. The new LD Systems “Evolutive” handles of the subwoofer are a genuine innovation – they permit a trouble-free, secure grip from all sides!

The LD Systems DAVE 10 G³ is an extremely compact active PA system. It is especially suitable for mobile use and is very convenient to transport, making it just right for solo entertainers and duos. The system stands out because of its clarity and surprisingly powerful sound and is controlled via LD LECC DSP. The bass reflex subwoofer provides a solid bass foundation; the satellites ensure clearly defined mids and clear treble. The 2.1 power stage module integrated in the subwoofer has an output of 250 W of continuous power. Ideal for smaller venues, permanent installations, and entertainers who place a premium on flexibility. RRP € 529.00


The new LD Systems DAVE 12 G³ is the perfect active PA system for high-powered, small live gigs, multimedia presentations, and permanent installations in bars and clubs. A 12″ bass reflex subwoofer and the satellites with 6.5″ drivers and 1″ HF horns ensure a good sound with driving, defined bass, natural mids, and clear treble. The 2.1 power amp stage is built into the subwoofer and provides the system components with 540 W of continuous power. The soul of the DAVE 12 G³ is the LD LECC DSP digital signal processor, which controls all important system functions. RRP € 749.00

The DAVE 15 G³ is LD Systems’ most powerful compact system and is also suitable for larger events and gigs. A bass reflex subwoofer with a 15″ driver constitutes the massive, powerful foundation. The LD LECC DSP digital processor ensures perfectly tuned functioning of the system. The satellites with 8″ drivers and 1″ HF horns are responsible for a natural sounding, assertive midrange and transparent treble. The subwoofer has an integral 2.1 power stage module that provides the components of the DAVE 15 G³ with 700W of continuous power. RRP € 999.00

All of the systems in the DAVE series are suitable for mobile use and permanent installation. Transport bags for the system components and dollies with a lashing strap for convenient transport are available as accessories. Matching speaker stands, spacer tubes, and mounting forks are also available separately.

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