The professional is on board! The WIN42 from LD Systems

The UHF WIN42 professional wireless system guarantees optimum transmission while enabling the greatest possible freedom of movement and parallel operation of up to 20 systems.

In light of the new general authorisations covering the operation of wireless equipment in force from 2015, LD Systems has developed this even more flexible and highly professional wireless transmission system. With its perfected audio quality, it can be used for a host of potential applications in both live performances and fixed installations. The wide range of control options allows unlimited artistic freedom.

The two transmitter designs the hand microphone and the belt pack provide superb transmission of every performance, be it from a vocalist, speaker or instrumentalist, with practically unrestricted freedom of movement. A screw connection allows fast and practical replacement of the microphone head on the hand transmitter (dynamic and condenser capsules).

The half-rack True Diversity receiver offers a host of system options, including the transmitter battery status display in the receiver, Mute On/Off function (transmitter) on the receiver display, four EQ presets that can be switched on the receiver, and much more. These special features, coupled with high-quality electronic components, allow up to 20 units to be used at the same place at the same time with no interference. The control panel makes it easy to use the WIN42 according to you own specific requirements. Thanks to the above-average battery life, the unit can be operated for up to 14 hours without any problems.

The Channel Scan function helps to locate and set the interference-free transmission frequency. Once found, the frequency is simply and conveniently transferred from the receiver to the transmitter via an infrared connection. Since over 1680 frequencies are available, this is a very useful feature. When it comes to range, the WIN42 makes the difference. Under optimum conditions, interference-free transmission of over 100 m is achieved.

The LD transmitter and receiver communicate via special addressing procedure whereby the receiver only outputs the audio signal when the transmitter’s address matches that of the receiver. Up to 225 address numbers can be selected.

The LD WIN42 a highly professional device at outstanding LD Systems value.

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