The first speaker selector for loudspeaker presentation – Grand Audition, the innovation from Palmer!

Grand Audition – an innovation for comparing passive and active loudspeakers and subwoofers and the first speaker switcher to permit comparison of 10 pairs of stereo cabinets and 4 subwoofers at the push of a button.

Professional presentation of loudspeakers and subwoofers is guaranteed with this heretofore unique speaker switcher. It permits an impressive and professional presentation, from which above all dealers and salespeople will profit!

In addition, the Grand Audition permits neat and clearly arranged setup of the speaker systems in sales rooms.

The remote control offers a switchable low pass filter for the subwoofers as well as dim and mute functions. All outputs are galvanically isolated and balanced. Each output level can be adjusted by ± 12 dB. The units can be cascaded to allow you to switch between up to 40 pairs of speakers and 16 subwoofers.

Optionally available indicator LEDs can be connected to the unit. When placed on the speaker, they show which speaker is currently activated.
The signal in- and outputs are all equipped with XLR sockets. The speaker connections for the passive speakers have Speakon sockets.

Never has comparing different speakers (whether passive or active) been so easy.

Download the product specifications a


Click here to download the Press Package (Press release in Word format in 4 languages + pictures and logos) !

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