The most successful product launch in the history of the LD Systems brand – the new MAUI 28 has arrived!

With its slim-line design, excellent sound quality and price tag of less than 900 €, Maui 28, the active “all-in-one” column PA system from LD Systems is a hit with consumers.

The Maui 28 is the ideal solution for musicians and DJs, as well as for presentations and sophisticated music playback. The compact system combines a PA and monitor in one and so guarantees a satisfying listening experience for both the public and the musician. This is achieved via the highly uniform emission and extensive operating range.

The 4.1 system with 5-way amping is characterised by a clear, dynamic and balanced sound over the total frequency range. The array configuration provides a better, more balanced emission pattern, which fills even the outermost edges of the area with sound. This means that even listeners outside the audience area can enjoy a harmonious, uniform sound full of rich nuances.

The system is elegant, inconspicuous and easy to operate. Because no cables and stands are required, this “plug-and-play” system can be set up and taken down again very easily and quickly. No disturbing speaker cables, no speaker stands, no transport issues, simply plug in the mixer and you’re ready to go.

Viktor Wiesner, Adam Hall’s Pro Audio Product Manager, explains: “Lots of excellent features make the brand new compact PA Maui 28 the perfect partner for all live performances. The system is super convenient and affordable – and, as such, is one of the most attractive products that we’ve brought to market.”

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Click here to download the Press Package (Press release in Word format in 4 languages + pictures and logos) !

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