DEFENDER Cable Protectors “Around The World” – Roskilde Festival 2007

The four-day Roskilde Festival is an annual music festival, held near Roskilde, Denmark, which numbers among the largest in Europe with up to 115,000 participants. The musical focus is on lesser known international and Scandinavian musicians in various genres such as rock, pop, metal, and electronic music. All profits from the festival are donated to humanitarian, cultural, and other non-profit organizations such as Amnesty International or Doctors without Borders. Our Defender Midi system protects visitors against tripping hazards and the complicated system of cables against damage.

Adam Hall has been developing and manufacturing the DEFENDER series for more than fifteen years now. In addition to the increased need for safety, the professionalization of all industries and the economic efficiency that comes of long useful life and flexibility have also contributed to the Defender cable protector success story.

All information about the Defender Midi:


If you see a Defender cable protector, send us a photo at Ideally with a brief description of where you found the cable protector pictured.

If your photo is posted in the Adam Hall Blog, you will win one of the limited “Defender” t-shirts! We look forward to numerous submissions! Good luck!

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