Two Compression Drivers and a Horn from FaitalPRO


For this month’s Test Bench column, Voice Coil received two new compression drivers from FaitalPRO, the HF106 and the HF107, along with a FaitalPRO STH100 Elliptical Tractrix horn. Both the HF106 and the HF107 are new editions to a series of 1″ diameter compression drivers, using Ketone polymer diaphragms. This series includes the HF100, the


FaitalPRO Ferrite Loudspeaker Line

FaitalPRO are now using ferrite magnets for a new line of loudspeakers. Overseas sales manager Flavio Naggi confirmed the recent expansion of the FaitalPRO range of products to complement their neodymium model offerings More than just a cost-efficient alternative the FaitalPRO ferrite line comprises 31 loudspeakers for a variety of applications. Click here for more


Faital speakers for Abu Dhabi by Dieter Michel

Faital Pro

A visit to Italian speaker maker Faital Remember our report last year about sound reinforcement at the new race course on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi? It was about a new Formula 1 race course being equipped with a new type of digitally networked sound reinforcement system based on the ITEC*NET audio network by the


A Fistful of Speakers – Visiting FaitalPRO manufacture


For a Fistful of Speakers The speaker torture chamber has a lot to offer: Cola, salt water, broiling heat and icy cold in rotation – and only the fittest survive. For the Italian speaker manufacturer Faital, such tortures have just been part of doing business for more than fifty years.That comes as no surprise, given