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The MAILA M system setup at the Teatro Casa de las Artes.

Uplifting sound for drama and more – LD Systems MAILA at Teatro Casa de las Artes

At the Teatro Casa de las Artes in the small Spanish town of Laguna de Duero, culture lovers certainly get their money’s worth. On the approximately 250 m2 stage, there are not only theatre...
Cameo Light Installation Musical Los Chicos Del Coro with OPUS SP5 Moving Head and EVOS W3 Beam Wash Moving Head Interview with Juanjo Llorens

Los Chicos del Coro – Interview with lighting designer Juanjo Llorens about the award-winning musical

In November 2022, the Spanish musical “Los Chicos del Coro” (The Choirboys) premiered at the Teatro La Latina in Madrid. The production is based on the Oscar-winning film “The Children of Monsieur Mathieu” and...
Cameo Light Installation of LUXIS FC PAR Spotlight at Theater Shouwburg Lochem

Flexible in the rig and on the ground – Cameo LUXIS FC at the Theatre Shouwburg Lochem

Theatre Shouwburg Lochem in the Netherlands welcomes audiences with its own and third-party productions in the cabaret and concert genres. In the course of updating the lighting technology in the 420-seat auditorium, the theatre...
Cameo Light Installation OPUS SP5 Spot Profile Moving Head at English Student Theatre

Anything but outdated – Cameo OPUS SP5 at the English School Theatre in Maribor

For many years, the II Grammar School in Maribor, Slovenia, has held a special position when it comes to the cultural and artistic promotion of its students. In addition to their school education, students...
Cameo Light P Series LED Profile spotlight

Cameo presents P-Series – LED profile spotlights for theatre, TV and event applications

Cameo presents the new P-Series. The LED profile spotlights are aimed at professional users from the theatre, TV and event sectors and are available in Tungsten, Daylight and Full-Color versions. In addition to its...
Cameo Goetheanum

Faust Meets Cameo – Goetheanum Theater Invests in SP5 FC Profile Moving Heads

The Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, south of Basel, is an exceptional building in every respect. Its massive walls, resembling a monumental bunker from the outside, house the General Anthroposophical Society, the University of Humanities as...