Uplifting sound for drama and more – LD Systems MAILA at Teatro Casa de las Artes

At the Teatro Casa de las Artes in the small Spanish town of Laguna de Duero, culture lovers certainly get their money’s worth. On the approximately 250 m2 stage, there are not only theatre performances at a high production level, but also concerts, dance events, and more. The only thing the theatre operators were not fully satisfied with was the previous sound reinforcement solution, which was a groundstack PA placed on the left and right of the stage floor. In order to achieve an improvement both visually and acoustically, the theatre’s technical service provider, Cavall Studios, looked for a new sound reinforcement system – and they found the solution in the LD Systems MAILA M Modular All-Round Intelligent Line Array!

The MAILA M system setup at the Teatro Casa de las Artes.

Since the new investment also relied on EU funding, the search took place within the framework of a public tender. The contract was awarded to the Spanish integrator Seltron Sonido Profesional with a flown MAILA M system that optimally meets the diverse requirements of the theatre hall, with its 586 seats. In addition to excellent speech intelligibility and transparent music reproduction, the audience’s view of the stage should be affected as little as possible by the loudspeakers. “When SELTRON submitted its bid with MAILA, we had intensive discussions with other customers who were already working with MAILA,” explains Alberto Peréz of Cavall Studios. “The feedback was consistently positive, which ultimately convinced us.”

At the beginning of May, SELTRON’s MAILA M system was installed in the theatre. In combination with the two MAILA SUB 15” bandpass subwoofers on the floor, the flown combination of six passive MAILA SAT array satellites and one active MAILA COL column speaker covers the theatre auditorium with a transparent and warm sound thanks to the precise setup and calculation all done via the MAILA App, which convinced Alberto Peréz right from the start:

“MAILA is an excellent choice for the theatre. We regularly work with Meyer Sound systems and in comparison I couldn’t notice any qualitative differences with MAILA.”

Alberto Peréz

The following LD Systems products are used at Teatro Casa de las Artes:

01 x LD Systems MAILA M
04x LD Systems MAILA SAT

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