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Cameo Light Installation at Tante Mia Tanzt Outdoor Festival with Outdoor Hybrid Moving Head OTOS H5 NicLen

Tante Mia Tanzt – With OTOS® H5. Electro Festival Uses Cameo Exclusively

26 May saw the triumphant return of one of Germany’s first large-scale festivals, “Tante Mia tantzt”. Around 20,000 like-minded electro-fans gathered for the family gathering of the dancing kind on the site of the...
Cameo Light at Queen's 70th anniversary at Buckingham Palace with Outdoor Moving Head OTOS H5, Wash Light ZENIT W600 and FLAT PRO G2 LED PAR spotlights

Royal Party – Cameo illuminates the Queen’s 70th anniversary at Buckingham Palace

With more than 16,000 small to large street parties, the people of Great Britain celebrated the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s throne during the first weekend of June. But by far the biggest...

LD Systems at Prolight + Sound 2022: Under the sign of MAILA

For LD Systems, this year’s Prolight + Sound from April 26 to 29 will be all about one single product: MAILA! The “Modular All-Round Intelligent Line Array” will occupy the entire LD Systems booth...
Cameo Installation at AIDAcosma christening with IP65 Outdoor Hybrid Moving Head OTOS H5

World premiere! Cameo OTOS® H5 at the ship christening of the AIDAcosma

“The world is becoming more colourful” – this was the motto for the christening of the new AIDAcosma, the second cruise ship from AIDA Cruises built to run entirely on LNG (liquefied natural gas)....

Deep bass above Bratislava – LD Systems’ MAUI 44 G2 provides sound for DJ EKG’s live set 90 metres above the ground!

Miroslav Ecker, aka DJ EKG, typically has one special request: the Slovakian DJ wants to perform his dance sets at extraordinary locations. After a live set at the beautiful Chateau Grand Bari winery in...