Cameo presents the OTOS® Wash models – Three new IP65 moving heads from the OTOS® series

Cameo is expanding the OTOS series with three new models. The OTOS W12, OTOS W6 and OTOS W3 provide lighting professionals with three flexible IP65 wash moving heads for different event sizes. Equipped with individually controllable RGBL LEDs, LED effect ring and multi-zoom function for up to three zoom levels, the OTOS washlights offer a wide range of creative possibilities in all performance classes.

Cameo Light presents new OTOS Wash Series IP65 Wash Moving Heads consisting of OTOS W3, OTOS W6 and OTOS W12


With the IP65 moving heads in the OTOS series, Cameo has landed a direct hit with the riders of outdoor events. After the OTOS SP6, OTOS B5 and OTOS H5 spot profile, beam and hybrid models staged the christening of the AIDAcosma, the coronation concert of King Charles III and the NATURE ONE Festival, among others, the Adam Hall Group lighting brand is expanding the OTOS series with three multifaceted eye-catchers: OTOS W12, OTOS W6 and OTOS W3.


The OTOS Wash series is based on individually controllable RGBL LEDs (RGB + Lime), which are surrounded by an LED effect ring. The number of RGBL LEDs varies depending on the model: 7 x 50W for the OTOS W3, 16 x 50W for the OTOS W6 and 32 x 50W for the largest model, the OTOS W12. The SMD LED effect ring can also be individually controlled down to the pixel level and produces white tones and colours for a wide range of eye-candy effects that impress both on concert stages and in TV productions. For more efficient use of the DMX channels, the dual input mode can also be used, in which each pixel can be assigned its own colour via pixel mapping.

A special feature of the new OTOS Wash series is the multi-zoom function. Depending on the model, up to three zoom levels can be individually controlled in order to adjust the zoom range (4°-60°) on several levels. The versatility of the OTOS Wash series is rounded off by the integrated W-DMX™ and CRMX transceiver for the wireless transmission of DMX and RDM data.

The Cameo OTOS Wash moving heads OTOS W12, OTOS W6 and OTOS W3 are now available for pre-order.

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