Multi-Zone Audio Sound System at ARCA Resort in Romania

If you want to eat particularly fresh fish in Romania, you can’t avoid the ARCA Resort. Located directly at a large fish pond, the owners of ARCA run a high-quality fish restaurant with its own fish farm. But the building complex offers its guests much more than that: weddings and corporate events, tiny houses on the shore of the lake and a park with playgrounds and sports fields for children and adults. In order to provide the multifunctional location with audio signals as flexibly as possible, integrators Direct Sound took advantage of the extended closure period during the COVID pandemic to install a multi-zone audio system based entirely on LD Systems solutions.

For the ARCA Resort, Direct Sound owner Codrin Condrea and his team divided the areas to be covered into three audio zones: the fish restaurant – Lotca by ARCA – the floating pontoon terrace area on the jetty in front of the restaurant, and the extensive outdoor facilities with garden area, play areas and more.

Depending on the occupancy and customer requirements, the signal-connected areas can be played and controlled separately or used as a single large zone. For control and administration, the ARCA staff only need to pick up their tablets with the individually designed user interface. The rest is done by the LD Systems ZONE X 1208 DSP matrix, via which the audio content from the CDMP 1 multimedia player and more can be selected, adjusted in volume, and edited.

For the sound reinforcement of the fish restaurant and the event hall, Direct Sound relied on LD Systems CURV 500 portable array systems in black (restaurant) and white (hall) colour versions. “It was important for us to have high-quality sound that could be precisely controlled in both rooms, especially vertically. With its mini line array characteristics, the CURV 500 was the ideal choice,” explains Codrin Condrea.

For weddings and other events with increased level requirements, the MAUI 44 G2 is used. With its 1500 watts of RMS power, this column PA system offers enough power to create a live and party feeling at weddings and other events. For a clean rear sound image in the bass, Direct Sound used the cardioid function of the MAUI 44 G2 in combination with a second subwoofer per side. Cardioid dispersion also helps with mobile use on the outdoor terrace and ensures that guests in the adjacent restaurant are not disturbed by uncontrolled sound emissions. As standard sound reinforcement in the outdoor areas of the restaurant and the pontoon terrace, DQOR 5T 2-way installation loudspeakers are used as 70/100 V versions. “The DQOR Series convinced us with its outdoor capabilities, excellent sound and modern look,” adds Condrea.

When guests are drawn to stroll in the neighbouring park after a good meal, they are acoustically accompanied by the COGS 52 outdoor garden speakers. These robust and weatherproof IP56 outdoor speakers are equipped with a 5.25″ woofer and a 1.2″ tweeter and are specially designed for use in parks and gardens. The IPA 424 T 4-channel DSP installation power amplifiers – with 4 x 240 W at 70/100 V and priority switching for announcements – are used to drive the loudspeaker zones including the garden area.

The following products are used at the ARCA Resort:

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