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Multi-Zone Audio Sound System at ARCA Resort in Romania

If you want to eat particularly fresh fish in Romania, you can’t avoid the ARCA Resort. Located directly at a large fish pond, the owners of ARCA run a high-quality fish restaurant with its...
LD Systems MAUI 44 G2 and Cameo ZENIT P130 at Spinning Club Jenny in Belgium

Sweat and spectacle! LD Systems and Cameo create a club atmosphere at the Jenny indoor cycling club

For a long time, the spinning (indoor cycling) hype was considered to be over – then several fitness start-ups came along and made it hip again for groups of aspiring bike fitness fans. The...

Press: New Loudspeakers, DSP Amplifiers, Matrix Processors, and Much More – LD Systems Expands Its Portfolio for Permanent Installations

Neu-Anspach, Germany – February 1, 2021 – At last year’s Integrated Systems Europe show, Adam Hall Group announced a variety of new LD Systems audio products for audio-visual integration. The diverse range of professional installation...