Under the Sign of Light – Lautwerfer stages Christmas tree with Cameo OTOS® H5

In December, the evening sky around Berlin shone with concentrated rays. With their special outdoor Christmas set-up on the market square in Grünheide, Lautwerfer Veranstaltungstechnik sent a signal of hope and for more cohesion. The Lautwerfer team relied entirely on moving heads and battery-powered wash lights from Cameo to stage the eight-metre-high Christmas tree.

Cameo Light Installation with Lautwerfer Outdoor Moving Head OTOS H5 and Wash Light

Lautwerfer placed a total of 36 Cameo OTOS® H5 Beam-Spot-Wash Hybrid Moving Heads in a circle around the large fir tree, enveloping the tree in glistening white and coloured beam nets with their rich output of 19,000 lm and precise beams. To complement this, Lautwerfer used 16 Cameo ZENIT® B200 battery-powered LED outdoor wash lights with RGBW fittings and IP65 certification to illuminate the ambience with powerful colours.

Equipped for the winter

For the Christmas installation, Lautwerfer needed spotlights that could withstand the winter conditions without compromising on light intensity and quality as well as versatility. Both the OTOS H5 and the ZENIT B200 were unimpressed by snow and frost in cold Brandenburg and sent special Christmas greetings with their light.

Here you can watch the Christmas tree production in a video:

The entire Adam Hall Group wishes you a Merry Christmas, time for relaxation, friends and family, and a great start to the New Year!

The following Cameo products were used with Lautwerfer:

36x Cameo OTOS® H5 Beam-Spot-Wash Hybrid Moving Head
16x Cameo ZENIT® B200 Battery LED Outdoor Wash Light

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