Press: Award-Winning Design – Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 for Cameo F4 and Palmer MONICON XL

Neu-Anspach, Germany – April 15, 2020 – the Adam Hall Group can once again look forward to receiving Red Dot Awards in the Product Design category in 2020. Three products were distinguished with the internationally renowned Red Dot Award 2020: the Cameo F4 Series LED Fresnel spotlights, the Palmer MONICON XL monitor controller, and the Palmer STUDIMON 5 studio monitors.


Once again a Red Dot Design Award recipient, the Adam Hall Group, based in Neu-Anspach, Hesse, is further motivated to continue pursuing its path of developing innovative event technology solutions in close cooperation with its customers. Both the LED Fresnel spotlights for TV, film, and theater applications and Palmer’s indispensable studio tools embody the characteristic design of the respective brands, offering professional users a well-thought-out combination of functionality, user-friendliness, reliability, performance, and high-quality appearance for various day-to-day applications.

Cameo F4


Unlike numerous competitors, whose spotlight designs seem to be inspired by a stealth bomber’s unobtrusively sleek design, Cameo employs a natural design language, such as a bracket that integrates organically into the housing, much like a joint.

Theaters, in particular, have many strict requirements. For example, the cooling system has to be extremely quiet, the spotlights must operate quickly and efficiently, and the housing must flexibly integrate into different installation environments. The F4 Series’ product design fulfills all of these aspects while keeping a distinct yet elegant character based on curved lines and organic shapes.


The Palmer brand originally stood for practical analog musician tools. Today, however, the manufacturer has set its focus on the professional market and serves the needs of commercial studios and real audiophiles. This can be seen in the MONICON XL monitor controller’s design and in the matching studio monitors from the STUDIMON Series.

Palmer underlines the human element behind the technology with its unique signature design. The orange-colored elements help here by conveying warmth and openness despite featuring a minimalistic design.

Experience and Expertise

The Red Dot Award: Product Design is one of the world’s largest design competitions. The international jury made up of experienced experts from various fields has been coming together for more than 60 years to seek out the best designs. During an evaluation process lasting several days, they try out the products, discuss them, and ultimately make a well-founded decision regarding the design quality of the submitted entries. True to the motto “In search of good design and innovation,” they consider such criteria as the degree of innovation, functionality, formal quality, durability, and ergonomics in their evaluation.

As part of the awards, the Cameo F4 Series, the Palmer MONICON XL, and the Palmer STUDIMON 5 are featured in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen in the “Design on Stage” exhibition, which has all the award-winning products on display. The products are now also available to see in the Red Dot Design Yearbook, online, and in the Red Dot Design App.

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