Press: Gravity Presents Professional “Touring Series” – New Stand Solutions Exclusively Designed for Rental and Touring Companies

Neu-Anspach, Germany – March 28, 2019 – At this year’s Prolight + Sound 2019 in Frankfurt, the Adam Hall Group brand Gravity presents the new Touring Series: the first ever stand series specifically developed for the professional rental market. The impressively rugged all-metal stands are built to withstand the roughest rigours of the road. In addition, the Gravity Touring Series are equipped with captive adjusters made of metal and other additional features to make life “on the road” noticeably more efficient. Of course: a stand is a stand is a stand – with the Touring Series however, Gravity proves that a fresh, logical and targeted approach can make a difference.

The new Touring Series from Gravity is built to last and is aimed at professional customers from the rental and touring sector, where stands are subject to the highest demands every day. For this reason, with the Touring Series, Gravity’s main goals were maximum stability, well-thought-out functionality and innovative details, thanks to which the stand solutions stand out from comparable models – from the captive metal adjusters to the efficient securing of the boom with just half a turn. All detail solutions are based on the multitude of hands-on-experience and feedback from professionals from the rental and touring sector – from stage-hand to warehouseman to the technical director of large productions.

Detailed Solid Solutions for Rental and Touring Pros
Load-in, load-out, set up, tear down, store: at some point during a stand’s lifecycle small parts are lost, which is at best annoying; at worst it can severely restrict the stand’s functionality. For this reason, the rotary adjusters on the Touring Series are not removable, instead they unscrew only to a fixed point when adjusting the stand component. Since the adjusters can only be removed with tools, it is impossible for them to be lost over time or through the hustle and bustle of the live and touring operation.

At the same time, the stand’s boom can be secured with only a single turn – a great time-saver for the rental and touring business. And as far as height adjustment is concerned, the developers at Gravity have listened to the feedback from rental professionals and designed an ergonomically optimised grip to provide significantly increased grip. The proven basic concept of a stand has been retained, but with several welcome detailed improvements for practical use.

No G-Rings
Gravity stands continue to impress through their modern design. In comparison to the currently available range of stand solutions for end users, the standard Touring Series does not feature the visually distinctive “G-Rings”. Rather, the rental stands place the greatest importance on modest professionalism that allows users to fully and completely rely on the stands in any situation.

The new Gravity Touring Series is expected to be available during the third quarter of 2019. Upon initial launch of the series a microphone stand, a speaker stand and a lighting stand will be available. The Touring Series is fully compatible with other products from Gravity.

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