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Cameo Light Expertise for Lumen Beings Dual Input Mode OTOS W12 Wash Moving Head

Innovative control with DUAL Input Mode

In the dynamic world of lighting design, light control requires constant adaptation and innovation. Traditional setups in which the power and DMX signals are simply forwarded via daisy chain are often no longer sufficient,...
Cameo Light Blog article about GDTF General Device Type Format by Herbert Bernstädt

GDTF – What is it? What is it for?

GDTF is an abbreviation that stands for “General Device Type Format”. With that, you are actually just as smart as before. Therefore, let’s take another look and describe the current situation. When a new...
Attention lumen Peak values for photometric data article by Herbert Bernstädt

Attention, lumen! Peak values for photometric data

Many people know it from sound engineering when the power specifications of the loudspeakers or amplifiers promise a powerful device and you ends up hearing a transistor radio during the listening test. This trend...

Expertise for Lumen Beings: 3-point lighting

Video streaming, photo shoots, film shoots – everyone sees immediately: there are professionals or amateurs at work. But what makes the difference? Is it the camera? Usually not, because even with a mobile phone...
Expertise for Lumen Beings by Cameo Light: Herbert Bernstädt explains White light - everything you need to know about lighting and spotlight technology

Expertise for Lumen Beings: White light

Expertise for Lumen Beings: Lighting specialist Herbert Bernstädt now offers everything you need in all areas of lighting and spotlight technology. In the first edition of the series, the experienced lighting expert and development...