Small and large – LD Systems multizone audio installation at La Godra

Restaurant, lounge bar, club, and concert venue – La Godra in the Catalonian town of Caldes de Montbui is a real multipurpose venue. The sound system from LD Systems, planned and installed by local integrator So i Llum Joan Carles, also contributes to this. All audio zones were set up and ready to go in time for the opening of La Godra. What’s special about it? So i Llum only needed a few units from the CURV 500 and STINGER series to optimise the sound for every application.

Highly efficient

The suspended main system for the stage comprises just six array satellites and two subwoofers: one CURV 500 S2 array satellite and one CURV 500 D SAT duplex satellite per stereo side and one suspended active STINGER SUB 18 A G3 subwoofer each. “The main PA forms its own zone and deactivates all other speakers in the restaurant and bar area. In this way, attention is focussed on the stage during a show,” explains Carles Flores. The combination of the extremely compact CURV 500 satellites and the STINGER 18” subwoofer only seems unusual at first glance: “We couldn’t place the subs on the floor due to the spatial conditions, so we had to use a more powerful variant in order to bring the desired power into the room when suspended.”

“We needed a sound system that was equally powerful, precise, and visually discreet, and suitable for all applications: live events, club, bar, and restaurant.”

Carles Flores, So i Llum Joan Carles

Flexible configurations

For the regular restaurant and bar operations at La Godra, So i Llum distributed 12 more CURV 500 S2s in six positions to achieve even coverage with background music at low volume and reduced subwoofer levels. For the club configuration with DJ, the subwoofer component was raised to achieve more pressure in the bass range. The LD Systems installation in La Godra is rounded off by the STINGER 10 G3 two-way PA speakers on the terrace, which deliver a pleasant full-range sound even without subwoofer support. All passive speakers are powered by three CURV 500 I AMP four-channel Class D installation power amplifiers.

The following LD Systems products are used at La Godra:

14× LD Systems CURV 500 S2 array satellites
2× LD Systems CURV 500 D SAT duplex satellites
2× LD Systems STINGER SUB 18 A G3 18″ bass reflex PA subwoofers
1× LD Systems STINGER 10 G3 passive 10″ two-way bass reflex PA loudspeaker
2× LD Systems STINGER 10 A G3 active 10″ two-way bass reflex PA loudspeaker
3× LD Systems CURV 500 I AMP four-channel Class-D installation power amplifier

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