In the test at Bonedo: LD Systems MAUI 28 G3

For Bonedo, the experienced live engineer Sascha Walendy (Chilly Gonzales, Kapelle Petra, among others) listened very closely and tested the new LD Systems MAUI 28 G3 for its live sound suitability. You can find the summary of the test report here.

We are sure that test author Sascha Walendy has already had countless audio products in his hands and on the controls. We are all the more pleased that the first contact was so convincing:

“When taking out the individual components of the LD Systems Maui 28 G3 Bundle, I am quick to notice how the manufacturer has made no compromises: The build quality of the Maui 28 G3 is almost unbelievably high.“

Sascha Walendy

After the uncomplicated set-up, Sascha Walendy first tested the integrated Bluetooth function – and was also impressed by the sound of the songs streamed from the iPad:

“After only a few seconds, I am really impressed by what comes out of this column. The system sounds incredibly clear and powerful. I am looking for harsh frequencies in the upper mids or treble range in vain, even at much higher volumes. The bass reproduction is also excellent. Here, the new Maui 28 G3 offers a rich low-end without being obnoxiously boomy.”

Next it was off to the rehearsal room for the MAUI 28 G3. The project’s instrumentation consisted of guitar, vocals, drums and numerous bass-heavy synth tracks – no easy task for a compact PA system.

“After the first synth sounds from the LD Systems, our drummer was hooked. The system sounded fantastic in the band context. Every detail in the entire frequency range of the synthesizer sounds produced was perfectly represented by the Maui 28 G3. The vocals also sounded like they would on a “big” PA system, plus they were extremely feedback stable.”

Finally, the MAUI 28 G3 was allowed to show what it can do in a hip-hop gig in the garden of a youth centre.

“The programme comprised hip-hop: a DJ with a DJ controller, keyboards and synthesizers and a female rapper. Both put on a rather sceptical face during set-up, but were quickly convinced of the audio quality when the first deep basses kicked in.”

Sascha’s verdict on the LD Systems MAUI 28 G3:

“The new LD Systems column system utterly convinced me and that’s why I would like to give it a clear buy recommendation. If you are looking for an excellent sounding, easy to handle and more than fairly priced active column system, the new Maui G3 series from LD Systems is highly recommended. Therefore: 5 stars.”

Sascha Walendy

The full test report including video of the LD Systems MAUI 28 G3 can be found here:

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