Step by step towards systematic sustainability – Sustainability Update Q2/3 2023

In this sustainability update, we take a look at the issues and projects that have kept us busy in the area of sustainability over the last six months, and also give a sneak peek at some of our plans for the coming months.


CO2 balancing 2022 in full swing

Since April 2023, we have been dedicated to collecting data and calculating our carbon footprint for 2022. Our big goal is to make our data more accurate compared to 2021, and to further develop scope 3 accounting.

First sustainability reporting with WeShyft for 2023

In the summer of 2023, we started working with WeShyft, a software provider for (among other things) sustainability reporting and are currently collecting all the relevant data we need for our sustainability report for 2023.

Kick-off for EMAS validation

In July 2023, the EMAS validation project for our German headquarters started with a one-day kick-off. The goal of the EMAS validation is a certified environmental management system from which we can derive short, medium and long-term sustainability goals and translate them into an Adam Hall Group sustainability strategy. 

Our bees keep buzzing

The buzzy summer we predicted in our last sustainability update has come true. Our bee colonies have been busy harvesting nectar and pollen and preparing the combs well for the upcoming autumn and winter.

Documentation of our biodiversity

Since August 2023, Harald Kalbhenn, local amateur photographer, has been supporting us in photographically documenting the biodiversity in the green spaces around our main building and officially recording it in the platform

How Mr Kalbhenn got into photographing insects – and what special features there are to report about this in the context of the Adam Hall Group – he explained to us in an interview together with landscape architect, and owner of JK Landschaftsbau, Andreas Klapproth, who is responsible for the greening of our green spaces.

Better charging and energy management at the German headquarters

Together with the Frankfurt, Germany, based start-up innocept mobility, we optimised the charging management of our charging points at our German headquarters in various test phases spread over the past summer by having the team adapt their App to our needs. In addition, the firsttechnical precautions for optimising energy management were taken, and innocept mobility will also support us in this ongoing project.

Participation in World Cleanup Day 2023

On 16 September, the worldwide World Cleanup Day took place. We took part and collected a considerable amount of waste with around 15 colleagues near our company site in Neu-Anspach. In this way, we as a company contributed to raising environmental awareness and further promoting the idea of sustainability, even on a smaller scale.

Outlook and next steps

Over the coming months, we will focus on data collection for our carbon footprint, sustainability reporting for 2023, and our EMAS validation.

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