Between both worlds – Acustic Crom stages the RSG World Championships 2023 with Cameo

At the end of August, the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships took place in Valencia, Spain. As with most major sporting events, lighting designers have to meet two fundamentally different requirements with their lighting set-up: neutral illumination of the competition area that is bright enough for the athletes, spectators and TV cameras, and effective show lighting for the opening ceremony, medal ceremonies and entertainment features. At the Arena, built specially for this occasion at the Fira Valencia installations, the Spanish event technology service provider relied on the Cameo OPUS X Profile and EVOS W7 moving lights for this balancing act.

Cameo Light Installation OPUS X Profile Moving Head and EVOS W7 Wash Beam Moving Head at Rhythmic Gymnastics Worldchampionships

“For the lighting design, we first looked at the technical requirements of the event,” explains Vicent Selma from Acustic Crom. “The spotlights had to be placed at a height of at least 14 metres above the competition area and had to comply with the regulations of the FIG [Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique] as well as the requirements of the RTVE [Spanish Broadcasting Corporation].” The FIG’s requirements stipulate that the 13 x 13 metre area must be illuminated with at least 1,500 lux without blinding the athletes when they look up when throwing and catching balls or hoops. In addition, the competition area must be clearly separated visually from the surrounding spectator stands. “Only when all the technical requirements have been met do we turn our attention to the creative design.”

For the competition and TV-ready illumination of the gymnastics area with approx. 4,000 K, Acustic Crom relied on the EVOS W7 LED Wash moving heads with RGBW LEDs and a CRI > Ra90 for precise white and colour tones. In addition, the EVOS W7s were also used for static grandstand lighting.

When the action on the competition floor takes a break, the OPUS X Profiles take over. With their comprehensive effect capabilities, the high-power Profile moving heads provided dynamic lighting in the venue. Vicent was especially impressed by their 33,000 lm luminous flux and the +/- 45° rotatable four-blade framing-shutter-system. “The OPUS X Profile is extremely versatile. We took advantage of that and used the equipment for all kinds of tasks and applications – from the opening and closing ceremonies to staging the medal awards and short show interludes between competitions.”

The following Cameo products were used at the RSG World Championships 2023:

48 x Cameo EVOS W7 LED Wash Moving Head
32 x Cameo OPUS X Profile High Power Profile Moving Head

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