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In any office environment there is constant background noise caused by conversations, keyboards, fans and much more. As a rule, the noise level of these various sounds is around 50 to 60 dB(A). So if you want to play background music in an office – or a comparable working environment – you have to get above this basic noise level. Experience has shown that a level of about 70 dB(A) has proven to be a good value here, at which the music is permanently audible without distracting and disturbing the people present.

LD Systems audio tips for playing background music in the workplace or office.

A sound pressure level of 70 dB is achieved by almost all loudspeakers on the market, regardless of their sound and build quality. For cost-efficient sound reinforcement in offices, however, high-impedance 100 V systems such as the DQOR Series are particularly suitable, as they require significantly less power than conventional solutions.

But why is that?

The 100 V technology was developed to transmit audio signals over long distances. The principle: the output voltage of the amplifier is raised to 100 V by special transformers. Another transformer sits in front of (or inside) the loudspeaker to turn the voltage down again.

The advantages of 100 V technology:

  • Longer cable runs
  • Less cable = less material
  • Smaller cable cross-sections = more cost-effective
  • Less voltage loss = higher levels
  • Parallel connection of loudspeakers = easy subsequent addition of further loudspeakers

Ideal combination: DQOR 3T + IMA 30

The LD Systems IMA 30 installation mixing amplifiers provide a power of 35 W at 100 V. The DQOR 3T 2-way installation speakers have different transformer taps down to 1.5 W, allowing a total of 23 DQOR 3T loudspeakers to be driven from a single IMA 30 (23 x 1.5 W = 34.5 W). As the loudspeakers are only used for background music, the 35 W total power of the IMA 30 is perfectly sufficient to cover a larger office area with 23 DQOR 3T. Furthermore, the IMA 30 is Energy Star certified and has a switchable auto-standby mode for even more energy savings when there is no audio signal.

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