Multi-Zone Audio Sound System with LD Systems at Caravia Beach Hotel

The Greek Island of Kos is a popular holiday destination known for its beautiful beaches and historical sights. Tourists can spend their holidays in particular style at the Caravia Beach Hotel, which, in addition to 200 suites, also has a luxury restaurant overlooking the pool. To provide the dream holiday with dreamy sounds, the operators of the hotel have invested in a multi-zone sound system from LD Systems and commissioned the MZ Group with the planning and installation. MZ Group Manager Michalis Zouloufos and his team relied on a combination of in-ceiling loudspeakers from the Contractor Series alongside DQOR installation loudspeakers for the restaurant/bar areas and the suites.

Sound reinforcement in zones

For the sound reinforcement of the general hotel areas as well as around the Máina Gastro-Bar, the MZ Group decided on a multi-zone system. The LD Systems ZONE X 1208 DSP audio matrix acts as the control centre, with which the individual areas – as desired by the customer – can be individually regulated in volume and recorded.

“The ZONE X 1208 is becoming increasingly important for us and will take on a central role in larger audio installations in the future.”

Michalis Zouloufos, MZ Group

In order not to disturb the modern architecture of the open-plan restaurant, with its clear architectural design language, the operators decided to use recessed speakers in the concrete ceiling. A total of 60 CFL 62s provide the desired coverage for the bar and restaurant areas. The frameless 6.5″ 2-way loudspeakers from the LD Systems Contractor Series can be integrated discreetly into any environment thanks to the flush-fitting front grille. In the Máina, the CFL 62s (in black grille finish) complement the columns, which are also black, and ensure a modern overall appearance in the interplay with the concrete ceiling and the bast and wooden elements.

In special places, including the wooden pergolas, the MZ Group team also used LD Systems DQOR 3-inch- and 5-inch 2-way installation loudspeakers in black and white. These IP65 speakers, which are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor installations, not only provide a balanced sound, but are also optimally equipped for use in salty air under the hot Greek sun thanks to their corrosion-resistant aluminium front grille.

TV sound in the bathroom

To ensure that guests can also enjoy excellent sound in their private rooms, the MZ Group equipped 200 suites with one LD Systems CICS 52 speaker each. The 2-way built-in speaker, which is placed in the ceiling in the bathroom, is connected to the TV set and ensures that no information is lost when going to the bathroom.

The backbone of the sound system installation is formed by three LD Systems DSP 45 K 4-channel DSP power amplifiers with up to 2,400 watts per channel (in bridge mode) and an installed preset library for all compatible loudspeakers from LD Systems.

The following products are used in the Caravia Beach Hotel:

01x LD Systems ZONE X 1208 DSP matrix with hybrid architecture
60x LD Systems CFL 62 Frameless 6.5″ 2-way in-ceiling loudspeaker
16x LD Systems DQOR 3B Indoor/outdoor 2-way installation loudspeaker
30x LD Systems DQOR 3W Indoor/outdoor 2-way installation loudspeaker
20x LD Systems DQOR 5W Indoor/outdoor 2-way installation loudspeaker
200x LD Systems CICS 52 5.25″ 2-way in-ceiling loudspeaker
03x LD Systems DSP 45 K 4-channel DSP power amplifier

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