From Gastro to Gym – LD Systems provides sound for the BB Club in Surat, India

Gym, trampoline park, bowling, and a varied indoor and outdoor gastronomy offer – the BB (Black Bunny) Club in the West Indian city of Surat leaves hardly anything to be desired as a central contact point for fitness and entertainment. The operators’ demands on the visual appearance and sound quality of the sound system in the numerous rooms and areas were correspondingly high. For the supplier and integrator Evenflow Eternal, it was clear that the right solution could be found in the LD Systems loudspeaker portfolio. The result (according to Evenflow owner Ankit Vadodariya): “There is no location in all of Surat that comes close to BB Club in terms of design and sound!”

To provide the best possible sound for the different spaces, with their changing power and design specifications, Evenflow Eternal relied on a mix of several LD Systems speaker series – CONTRACTOR Series 2-way wall-mounted speakers for the hospitality areas and bowling hall, SAT G2 installation speakers for the Crossfit and Zumba rooms, and ICOA Series coaxial PA speakers for the large fitness area.

“The management of the BB Club placed great importance on a consistent and uniform sound experience throughout the building, without compromising on transparency and efficiency. They also wanted the speakers to integrate perfectly with the interior of each room.”

Ankit Vadodariya, Evenflow Eternal

Ankit Vadodariya’s decision to go with LD Systems was made after an extensive visit to the Adam Hall Group headquarters in Neu-Anspach, near Frankfurt, Germany. There, the experienced integrator was particularly impressed by the research and development department in the Adam Hall Experience Centre, as well as the professional quality control. For the BB Club project, the Evenflow Eternal team also received comprehensive support from the Indian LD Systems distributor, Stagemix Technologies in terms of deciding placement of the speakers and subwoofers.


In the rather quiet restaurant and café areas, Evenflow Eternal installed the versatile CWMS 52 two-way wall speakers (which feature a 5.25″ woofer + 1.2″ tweeter) from the CONTRACTOR Series on the brick walls (indoors) and posts of the pergola awnings (outdoors) to achieve even sound coverage. The CWMS 52s are also used in the bowling hall. Here, the all-round speakers can prove their assertiveness even in noisy environments – supported by the compact and powerful SUB 10 A 10″ subwoofer with integrated 3-channel power amplifier.

Crossfit & Trampoline

Two more SUB 10 A units provide motivating beats in the Crossfit/Zumba area, which are played via Bluetooth to the subwoofers by the trainers. The SAT 62 G2 6.5″ installation speakers – which feature a bass reflex design – are used here as powerful full-range systems, which integrate discreetly into the modern and urban fitness ambience. In the neighbouring trampoline area, the SAT 82 G2 8″ version is used in combination with two SUB 10 A subwoofers. To safeguard both people and technology, the 120 W (RMS) two-way speakers were welded directly on to the existing metal structures at a height of around 4.6 metres. “This type of direct mounting can prove problematic. However, thanks to the exceedingly robust SAT wall brackets, we had no problems in our case,” explains Ankit Vadodariya.


According to Ankit Vadodariya, the fitness area in the BB Club proved to be a particular challenge, as it comprises the largest sound reinforcement area at around 250 m2 and there is also always a high ambient noise level – due to weights and equipment being constantly used. “We needed a rich, assertive sound pressure to support the guests’ workout.” The solution: four ICOA 12 coaxial PA speakers with 12″ woofers and 1″ tweeter drivers, precisely aimed at the area from an elevated position via ICOA 12 UB universal mounts. Additional bass support down to 36 Hz is provided by two active ICOA SUB 15 A bass reflex PA subwoofers.

The following products are used at the BB Club:

20 x LD Systems CWMS 52,  5.25″ 2-way wall loudspeaker
04 x LD Systems SAT 62 G2, 6.5″ Installation loudspeaker     
04 x LD Systems SAT 82 G2, 8″ Installation loudspeaker
02x LD Systems SUB 10 A, 10″ Active subwoofer
04 x LD Systems ICOA 12, 12″ Passive coaxial PA loudspeaker
02 x LD Systems ICOA SUB 15 A, Active 15″ bass reflex PA subwoofer

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