LD Systems MAUI i1 provides optimum sound in baroque pilgrimage church

The Basilica of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a Baroque jewel of the Czech Republic and, as a 17th/18th century pilgrimage church, sits enthroned like a landmark visible from afar on the Svatý Kopeček (Holy Mountain) of the city of Olomouc. In 2022, the single-nave church building was equipped with a new sound system to improve sound transmission for speech and choral singing. As a proven specialist for sound systems in churches, the company Sound of Innovation was commissioned to undertake the planning and installation. Sound of Innovation Managing Director František Petřík and his team found the ideal solution in the LD Systems MAUI i1 installation column speakers.


The MAUI i1 is particularly suitable for acoustically demanding interiors, such as the expansive church hall of the basilica with its numerous side chapels, where music and speech must be clearly intelligible even in the rearmost seats. In addition, the acoustically hard rooms – which have numerous reflection surfaces – are of particular importance.

“The sound challenges were solved perfectly with the MAUI i1. In addition to the high intelligibility of speech and choral singing, the white column speakers – with their slim design – also blend in perfectly visually.”

František Petřík, Sound of Innovation

MAUI i1 column speakers offer advantages

With its nine 3” midrange drivers, the two 1” neodymium high-frequency drivers and the specially developed, BEM-optimised high-frequency waveguide, the MAUI i1 avoids unnecessary reflections on floors and ceilings by keeping the vertical dispersion as narrow as possible, and the horizontal dispersion comparatively wide.

High-tech meets baroque

Sound of Innovation integrated the white MAUI i1 column speakers extremely discreetly on the marbled wall surfaces of the basilica so that the baroque aesthetics of the church building, with its numerous ornaments, are not disturbed at any point.

The following LD Systems products are used in the Basilica of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary:

  • 12 x LD Systems MAUI i1 W passive Indoor/Outdoor Installation Column Loudspeaker, white
  • 01x LD Systems WIN 42 HHC 2 B5 Wireless Microphone System

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