Cameo on ballet tour: Zaudio invests in Cameo ZENIT® W600 and W600 SMD

The project portfolio of the Slovakian event technology service provider Zaudio s.r.o. includes ice skating shows, the Night of the Proms, outdoor festivals, the Ice Hockey Liptov Cup as well as numerous fixed installations, conferences and congresses. In order to cope with the diverse requirements in daily practice in the best possible way, Zaudio has invested in the Cameo Outdoor LED Wash Lights ZENIT® W600 and ZENIT® W600 SMD. The fixtures passed their first test in live use during a ballet tour throughout Slovakia.

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The decision for the ZENIT® W600 and ZENIT® W600 SMD was made after intensive testing. In addition to the high light output, Zaudio Managing Director Ladislav Zukovsky was particularly impressed by the excellent colour rendering and colour mixing, the uniform 16-bit dimming and the low-noise operation thanks to the temperature-controlled fans. The possibility of quickly and flexibly adapting the Wash Lights for different lighting tasks using the magnetic Cameo SnapMag filter frames and sash limiters also played an important role in the purchase decision.

Dancing through Slovakia

In November 2022, the company SHOW SLOVAKIA, organizer of various major events in Slovakia, such as ice shows in stadiums, rock festivals and world theater performances, organized a tour of the ballet theater Royal Classical Ballet in Slovakia. Together with the SHOW SLOVAKIA, the Zaudio team travelled through the largest Slovakian cities in November 2022 and used the ZENIT W600 for the wide-area illumination of the 18-metre-wide, rear stage set. “Above all, we needed a powerful coloured light that we could control wirelessly via W-DMX,” explains Ladislav Zukovsky. In addition, the Cameo Wash Lights supported the colouring for the dancers. The ZENIT W600 and ZENIT W600 SMD were rigged as overhead lights on the truss and laterally as alley lights.

“The cameo washlights have proven successful and will be used at various events in the future: from theatre to architectural lighting, to illuminating large objects at various shows, to being used for television broadcasts.”

Ladislav Zukovsky , Managing Director Zaudio s.r.o.

Grown connection

Although the recent investment in the ZENIT® series significantly expands the range of applications, Zaudio has been working with Cameo fixtures for years. Currently, the team is working on various projects with Cameo, including a winter stadium show and a fixed installation for a hotel. With this in mind, further investments in Cameo fixtures are planned in the near future.

Zaudi s.r.o. has invested in the following Cameo products:

4x Cameo ZENIT® W600 Outdoor LED Wash Light
4x Cameo ZENIT® W600 SMD Outdoor SMD LED Wash Light and Strobe – RGBW version

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