A Bright Year – The Cameo Review 2022

The year 2022 is drawing to a close – time for us to take a look back at the past 12 months with Cameo: What happened? How has the brand developed? What were the highlight products and stand-out reference projects of the year?

Follow us through the year 2022.

Cameo Light Installation Year Review 2022

Development of the Cameo brand

2022 was an eventful year for Cameo – literally. In addition to new moving lights, our lighting solutions are on the road in more and more countries and continents. We are pleased to be working with the following new Cameo distributors since this year:

  • Tongsuh Technology Co. Ltd for South Korea
  • SVI (Suara Visual Indonesia) for Indonesia
  • AVE (Audio Visual Engineering) for Australia


With the combination of expanded international partnerships and a steadily growing product portfolio, we were able to steadily expand our presence in 2022 and extend it to more and more application areas. In particular, Cameo 2022 has made significant gains in theatre, broadcast, architectural and contract lighting, accompanied by investments by some of the largest rental providers in Germany and Europe.

Highlight products 2022

The OTOS® H5 saw the light of day just in time for Prolight + Sound 2022 in Frankfurt am Main. Developed in Germany, the IP65 Beam-Spot-Wash Hybrid was designed for maximum application versatility and has the potential to position itself as the standard for outdoor-capable hybrid moving heads in the professional segment – both in stage and venue lighting and for use in TV and film shoots.

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The OTOS H5 was accompanied in Frankfurt by the P2 series, the first Cameo LED profile fixtures for professional theatre, TV and event applications. Following the extremely popular F Series Fresnel luminaires for theatre and TV applications, the P2 profile luminaires thus close another gap in the growing Cameo portfolio.

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In autumn, Cameo surprised with another product type that probably few people had on their radar: The S4 IP is an IP65-certified LED soft panel for outdoor use and the first representative of the new S Series, which is explicitly aimed at lighting technicians, lighting professionals and content producers in the areas of TV/film, events, live streaming and more. From the market launch, the S4 IP was combined with a wide range of accessories.

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The end of the year was marked by the new AZOR® S2. The compact spot moving head is the ideal partner for lighting designers and event service providers who are looking for a bright and versatile LED show light that does not lack professional functions despite its compact size.

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Highlight projects 2022

2022 got off to an almost cinematic start: for the Spanish Goya Awards ceremony in Valencia at the beginning of February, lighting designer Iñaki Irastorza and technical service provider Adisar Media relied on more than 130 Cameo moving lights from the OPUS and EVOS series. The “Spanish Oscars” were broadcast live by several TV channels.

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In April, another big event followed: Ambion and lighting designer Flo Erdmann staged the launch of the AIDAcosma in Hamburg harbour with a spectacular drone show and 136 Cameo OTOS H5 IP65 Beam-Spot-Wash Hybrid Moving Heads. The perfect setting for the world’s first use of our new OTOS Series. The fixtures were supplied by NicLen GmbH, who were one of the first DryHire providers worldwide to invest in the OTOS H5.

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Next up was a news item that dominated the headlines worldwide: the death of Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September 2022. Around three months earlier, the eternal Queen celebrated her 70th anniversary on the throne, among other things with a big BBC live show in front of Buckingham Palace. Lighting designer Nigel Catmur and Version 2 Lights staged the mega event with more than 600 Cameo fixtures.

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Since 2022, Frankfurt’s club scene has been enriched by an attraction: ZOOM now invites you to party in the former Cocoon Club. Lighting designer JoJo Tillmann has already left his mark on other clubs in Frankfurt and chose ZENIT® W300 Wash Lights, PixBar 600 Pro LED bars and H1 FC Houselights for the illumination of the lounge and gastronomy areas.

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Light on

This was our review of the Cameo year 2022. We would like to thank all partners, customers, users and Lumen Beings who supported us and helped us to fill the past twelve months with light despite all difficulties and global crises.

The whole team of Cameo and the Adam Hall Group wishes you a good start into the new year!

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