Review: the LD Systems ICOA 12 A active loudspeaker as a monitor

The active and passive PA loudspeakers in the ICOA Series by LD Systems are of the 2-way multi-functional variety, and they hold within them invisible advantages you don’t see when you first look at them. The German website recently tested out the LD Systems ICOA 12 A in its special function as a floor monitor. Here you can find the summary of the review:


The coaxial construction of the active ICOA bass reflex loudspeaker differs fundamentally from the construction of conventional loudspeakers. This is because the high-frequency and low-frequency transducers are arranged coaxially here, which means that they work on one acoustic axis. This special arrangement of the drivers comes closer to the ideal of a point source, where group delay differences of the individual drivers are minimised. In addition, the bass driver is horn loaded, which increases the efficiency of the woofer. The result is a transparent and clean sound image with contoured and rich bass.

After removing the baffle, the BEM-optimised CD horn (which features a dispersion angle of 90° x 50°) with its 1” driver can be rotated 90 degrees for use as a floor monitor. This has advantages when the cabinet is positioned horizontally. The narrow dispersion angle vertically helps reduce the risk of feedback from unwanted reflections, and the wide dispersion angle of 90° widthways increases the user’s freedom of movement in front of the loudspeaker.

The special DynX DSP – with its four presets – offers a setting specifically for monitoring, which optimises the sound for this particular application. In addition, the 3-band EQ allows for further sound customisation. What’s more, to ensure that the ICOA loudspeaker also cuts a fine figure visually when lying down, the logo on the front grille can be easily rotated by 90 degrees. If the multi-talented ICOA later needs to be used again as a classic active PA loudspeaker with a 0° or 5° angle on a stand, the tweeter horn – which is completely encapsulated at the rear – can be quickly reconfigured for the sound reinforcement task as a full-range or satellite loudspeaker after loosening just four screws. To make handling the 12” ICOA loudspeaker easier (and not just when it is being used as a floor monitor) LD Systems has equipped the cabinet with four sizeable handles.

Conclusion: The LD Systems ICOA 12 A is not a compromise solution when used as a floor monitor. The special design as a coaxial system and the rotatable horn create sonic advantages not just for monitoring. The DSP preset monitor provides a solid basis for this special discipline. In terms of sound, the powerful active loudspeaker delivers crisp bass and crystal-clear treble. When it comes to purchasing a multifunctional loudspeaker for many purposes, the ICOA 12 A is the right choice.

You can find the complete test report here:

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