Your bodyguard for flight cases – case tracking with Apple AirTags

A lost suitcase at the airport – annoying. A lost (or even stolen) flight case with expensive professional equipment – annoying, and also costly. And it’s not just the value of the products that plays a role here, but also the “follow-up costs” if events and other orders cannot be carried out in the customer’s interests as a result. To avoid things like this happening, trackers are available that enable the location and tracking of objects.


With the AirTag, Apple offers its own tracker that can be used in many ways in combination with a flight case and an iOS device:

  • It creates order: Bluetooth tracking makes it easier to keep track of flight cases with integrated AirTags at an event or in the warehouse.
  • It serves as preventative protection against theft: When the AirTag is moved and taken away from its registered user for a certain amount of time, it emits a sound to draw attention to itself.
  • It acts as a locating device after theft: Lost AirTags can be located via Apple’s “Find My” app (see the section “How do AirTags work?”).

With a diameter of 32 mm and a height of only 8 mm, the AirTags can be placed almost anywhere. In addition, the AirTags are waterproof according to IP67 and therefore also protected against submersion. For use with flight cases, Adam Hall Hardware has now developed its own mount that can be attached to a flight case in various ways: via screw, adhesive or Velcro tape, strap or cable tie. The Adam Hall Hardware AIRTAG HOLDER is made of shatterproof ABS plastic and offers optimum protection without impairing the function of a flight case.

How do AirTags work?

To track an AirTag, an iPhone or iPad with iOS 14.5 or higher is required. In close range (Bluetooth LowEnergy), the iPhone/iPad shows the direction and distance to the AirTag via the “Exact search” Apple function. If the AirTag is outside the Bluetooth range, the exact location can be seen in the Apple “Find My” app as soon as any other Apple device receives the Bluetooth signal from the AirTag. In this case, the location is forwarded to your own iCloud. If you also set the tracker to “lost mode”, the contact data can be sent to people in the vicinity of the AirTag via NFC (Near Field Communication). The battery life (1 x CR 3032 button cell) is stated to be one year on average.

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