Pleasure with all of the senses – LD Systems provides sound for luxury Château Capitoul hotel in Southern France

Surrounded by vineyards in 200 hectares of unspoilt countryside on a hill in the Languedoc, South of France, lies the Château Capitoul. This luxurious spa hotel combines the regional authenticity of a winery with elegant conference rooms, alongside the rental of elegant villas. The Capitoul also has a gourmet restaurant, where the spacious Mediterranean-style terrace invites you to look out over the endless horizon. Of course, “l’art de vivre” under the southern French sun also includes exclusive pleasure for the ears. In the two conference rooms of the Château Capitoul, the modular LD Systems CURV 500 system and slim LD Systems SAT 262 G2 wall-mounted loudspeakers provide excellent sound. At the same time, the modern installation loudspeakers from the DQOR Series, together with the built-in loudspeakers from the CONTRACTOR Series, provide both gastronomic and auditory pleasure in the restaurant and terrace area.


The entire estate, with its magnificent castle grounds, is a luxurious retreat, and the catering is also positioned in a correspondingly upmarket style. This is why the integrator POLY SON, from the nearby town of Béziers – and responsible for the job here – opted for the high-quality sound reinforcement solutions from LD Systems:

“Only components that meet the highest visual and sound requirements belong in a luxury venue. Furthermore, especially for the spacious terrace, the IP55 certification of the DQOR 5 loudspeakers is a prerequisite for outdoor use.”

Arnaud Herail, CEO POLY SON

Conference room sound system

In the larger of the two conference rooms, six white LD Systems CURV 500 duplex satellites are used in two clusters on white LD Systems CURV 500 SmartLink adapters. With their WaveAhead technology for detailed reproduction, the duplex satellites easily meet customer requirements for excellent speech intelligibility. For bass support, two white LD Systems CURV 500 I SUB installation subwoofers provide tight and dynamic low-frequency reproduction with punch and definition in the 47 to 150 Hz range. The sound system is driven by the LD Systems CURV 500 I AMP, which was specially developed for the CURV 500 systems. The 19” 4-channel power amplifiers – with DSP control and 240 watts of RMS at 4 ohms – provide sufficient power reserves even for continuous use. Two LD Systems WIN 42 HHD 2 Dual wireless microphone systems are available for wireless transmission. With their two dynamic microphones each, a total of four people can speak simultaneously via the True Diversity UHF wireless systems.

The smaller conference room is equipped with identical wireless systems. In addition to the CURV 500 I SUB, two white LD Systems SAT 262 G2 installation loudspeakers are used here. As passive 2-way speakers, their straight-lined, slim design integrates perfectly into the ambience and ensures excellent sound quality.

Restaurant sound system

For the stylishly furnished restaurant with its adjoining terrace, POLY SON relied on 10 LD Systems DQOR installation loudspeakers. Their modern design and the white appearance integrate harmoniously into the bright design of the surroundings. Outdoors, the DQOR systems also score with their IP55 certification, corrosion-resistant aluminium front grilles and weather-resistant coated paper membranes, all of which will help them withstand the changeable weather in the south of France over the long term.

Almost invisibly, a total of 22 frameless LD Systems CONTRACTOR CFL 62 100 V built-in loudspeakers were painted with the same ceiling colour to match the ceiling in the neighbouring restaurant. The almost flush front grilles, with magnetic brackets, cover the 6.5” woofers and 1.2” tweeters of the 100 V systems, which provide clear sound and high speech intelligibility. Sufficient power reserves for driving the 22 speakers are provided by the 4-channel DSP IPA 424 T installation amplifier.

The following LD Systems products are used at the Château Capitoul:

Conference rooms


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