Magical: Cameo Lights Up Hotel Nørre Vosborg With New Wash Lights From ZENIT® Series

Nørre Vosborg manor house has a fairy-tale location in the middle of Jutland’s nature. The property, which has a unique natural location and is run by the Nørre Vosborg Foundation, is a cultural heritage and has a history that goes back over 800 years. Today, the estate in West Jutland, near the city of Vemb, is a diverse cultural centre with hotel, restaurant and meeting rooms. At the beginning of March 2022, the castle received a makeover in the form of a large-scale light installation by integrator LYSTEK. A total of 125 Cameo spotlights were used for the installation, including, for the first time, the new Cameo ZENIT® W600i and ZENIT® W300i outdoor LED wash lights.

Cameo Light Installation at Danish Norre Vosborg with Outdoor Spotlights and Washlights ZENIT W600i and ZENIT W300i

The aim of Hotel Nørre Vosborg’s operators was to showcase the historical castle with its classic architecture in an eye-catching way, while also generating content for its own social media channels. The dimensions of the mansion required high-quality light with high resolution, wireless control and the ability to flexibly adapt the shape and angle of the light beams.

With a luminous flux of 21,000 lm, IP67 classification and easily replaceable SnapMag® filters, the Cameo ZENIT® W600i wash lights met the requirements perfectly. A total of 16 wash lights were used to illuminate the exterior walls of the historical building. The responsible parties also used 80 Cameo® Zenit W300i wash lights to accentuate the architectural lines of the castle. Four Cameo ZENIT® B200s were also used from the side and four Cameo DROP® B4s beneath the bridge to lend spatial depth to photographic and video images. LYSTEK used 20 DROP® P4s as uplights for the gate area in front of the castle. The Cameo OTOS® H5 was used to light up the tower, as well as to generate a two-dimensional effect in the air.

The following Cameo products were used at Nørre Vosborg:

16 x Cameo ZENIT® W600i outdoor LED wash lights
80 x Cameo ZENIT® W300i outdoor LED wash lights
4 x Cameo ZENIT® B200 battery-powered LED outdoor wash lights

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