On test: LD Systems STINGER G3 Power Set

Event Rookie editor-in-chief Simon Kropp took a closer look and listen to the complete STINGER G3 Power Set in the current issue. In issue #03-2022, Event Rookie took a closer look at the active version of the STINGER G3 Power Set, which is the second most powerful STINGER G3 set.


The complete PA – consisting of two STINGER 12 A G3 12” full-range speakers, two STINGER SUB A 18 G3 18” subwoofers, padded protective covers and two roller boards for easy transport – spent several days in the trade magazine’s test room, and fully convinced the trained event technician:

„With the STINGER G3 Power Set, the user gets a fully equipped PA with an extremely high-quality sound, regardless of the music or speech application being played back.“

Simon Kropp, editor-in-chief Event Rookie

Every good product test starts with an inventory:

“The Power Set consists of two 18” subwoofers, two 12” tops, roller boards for the subwoofers, and protective covers for all of the speakers. So it’s not surprising that you can’t just buy this setup at the dealer next door and drive it to the warehouse in your car. The system is delivered on a pallet, and therefore well protected. All of the systems in the Stinger G3 series are available as active and passive versions. This means that the speakers either have the controllers or power amplifiers integrated, or they’re controlled via an external device. For our test, we received the active version of the Power Set.

“The subwoofers have, as already mentioned, an 18” woofer with a 4” voice coil. Each subwoofer has a Class D amplifier with a maximum output of 1,600 watts. The reproduced frequency response starts at 35 Hertz and ends at 80, 100 or 120 Hertz, depending on the low-pass setting. The selection is made on the back of the unit. Also there, as a fourth option, you can select whether the subwoofer should run in a cardioid mode. This is possible when using three subwoofers of this type, two of which are directed to the front, and one to the rear. The frequency response rises steeply from the above-mentioned 35 Hertz to 80 Hertz, and then drops steeply again, depending on the crossover frequency. The PA speakers in the set are no less powerful and have many professional features.”

Besides the DSP presets, the “hard facts” of the Power Set are also convincing:

“In terms of workmanship and connection options, there is hardly anything left to be desired here, both for the subwoofer and the PA speakers. The Stinger G3 Power Set is primarily aimed at professional users, and so the PA is also presented in high-quality birch plywood with a robust polyurea coating. The wood ensures a balanced sound distribution, and the coating provides good protection against impacts and the like. This makes the PA suitable for tough touring or frequently changing areas of use. […] Setup is also extremely easy, as all inputs and outputs are labelled and the DSP settings are clearly laid out.

“The tops can be easily mounted on the subwoofers using a distance pole. Unfortunately, this is not included in the scope of delivery, which would have been useful and desirable for a PA of this size. However, the developers of the system paid attention to the fact that the PA could possibly be installed when creating the design. It’s well-sized for many clubs, and therefore it’s also possible to mount via wall brackets as well as ceiling brackets.”

STINGER G3 Serie LD Systems

For Simon Kropp, the STINGER G3 Power Set is convincing in numerous applications with music and speech:

“Without a doubt, the name LD Systems meant semi-professional speakers in the lower price segment a few years ago. Those who still hold this opinion should change it with this PA at the very latest. The workmanship and features give you an idea of what you will ultimately get to hear! The sound that this PA emits is of incredibly high quality across all frequency ranges. With the Stinger G3 Power Set, parties with bass-heavy music, such as EDM, hip-hop or pop, can run without any problems. But also speech events can be realised on a very high level, and we would even recommend this system for classical music concerts. The resolution in the high frequencies is fine and very well tuned, down to the smallest detail. But the accompanying subwoofer also leaves nothing to be desired in the lower ranges. The bass pushes pleasantly, without distorting or sounding obtrusive. In any case, this PA is sufficient for events of the size just mentioned. But if you need even more power, you can easily add more subwoofers and tops.”

The conclusion is positive throughout:

“With the Stinger G3 Power Set, LD Systems has completely left the semi-professional field, and now plays in the upper leagues in terms of sound. The workmanship of all of the components leaves nothing to be desired. In our opinion, only the scope of delivery could have been extended by either distance poles for live applications or suspension brackets for installations. However, with the Stinger G3 Power Set, the user gets a fully equipped PA with an extremely high-quality sound, regardless of the music or speech application being played back.”

The full review (in PDF format) from Event Rookie issue 03-2022 can be found here:

LD Systems STINGER G3 Set “GALA”

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