Culture builds bridges

In times like these, we ask ourselves: how can we contribute to peace in the world? First, we grabbed the obvious by the scruff of the neck: we rounded up all our employees to collect needed material goods and sent them to where they are so urgently needed. Without further ado, our management also decided to support different NGOs financially. But still, the basic question remains: What is the contribution that our company, even more, our industry can make in times of crisis?


Music is the only language in the world that all people can understand.

Nikolaus Johann Harnoncourt

Isn’t it music that sends socially relevant messages from different countries into the world in a common language? Isn’t it concerts that bring people of different origins, religions, skin colours, preferences and genders together to spend unforgettable moments free of fear and sadness? Isn’t it culture that creates all this? Culture means pretty much everything that has been created or shaped by humans. This includes customs and festivals. It includes the lighting designers who fire off mesmerizing light shows, the musicians who move crowds with their sounds and singing, wedding DJs who bring families together, event organisers who host motley celebrations. We could go on forever. It is our industry that unites so many culture-creating trades. We are all part of culture and that is why it is so important for us to make our contribution to more peace here and now and also in the future.

Because culture builds bridges between people and therefore makes a great contribution to social coexistence. We would like to call on everyone to support all those who need us so urgently now, because every contribution, in whatever form, is important. Let’s build bridges together!

“Sound of Peace” Initiative

A wonderful initiative for more peace is “Sound of Peace“. This coming Sunday, 20.03.2022, a peace rally will start at 12:00 in the Straße des 17. Juni in Berlin, in order to send a clear signal for peace, democracy and human rights together from the entire cultural and event industry. The situation in Ukraine and for the refugees outside the country is dramatic. Sound of Peace is collecting donations for the #LeaveNoOneBehind project, which will then distribute them to various non-profit organisations.

It is supported with live performances by Natalia Klitschko, Peter Maffay, Silbermond, Gentleman, The BossHoss, Sarah Connor, Revolverheld, Michael Patrick Kelly and Zoe Wees and many more. We see this as a great solidarity alliance that clearly underlines our position. Therefore, we not only support this initiative financially, but will also be there in person on Sunday! Come by too. If you can’t make it ProSieben and Sat1 will be broadcasting on free TV from 3pm and donations can be made online at

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