Eminence presents Global Standard (GS) Series

Eminence is expanding its portfolio of pro audio loudspeakers with the Global Standard (GS) Series. The new speaker series comprises six guitar speakers, four bass speakers and six PA speakers in various sizes – from 6” to 15” – and combines first-class quality and high performance at an affordable price.


While the 12” retro speaker for guitars delivers a classic, round vintage sound with full bass and rich, defined mids, the 10” and 15” large retro bass speakers are oriented towards American sound ideals, with powerful low bass, growling mids and tight highs. The ferrite-magnet-based PA speakers range from 6” to 15” in size, and are suitable for medium to high power levels. The sound is consistently balanced and clear, with full bass and a transparent midrange.

With the GS Series, the renowned US manufacturer continues the legacy of its legendary OEM designs for the professional audio and musical instrument markets. Designed in the USA, the speakers can be easily integrated into other manufacturers’ amplifiers as adequate replacements for OEM products, or used as replacements for repairs and overhauls of amplifiers and other speaker systems.

The Eminence Global Standard (GS) Series is available internationally now.

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