Deep bass above Bratislava – LD Systems’ MAUI 44 G2 provides sound for DJ EKG’s live set 90 metres above the ground!

Miroslav Ecker, aka DJ EKG, typically has one special request: the Slovakian DJ wants to perform his dance sets at extraordinary locations. After a live set at the beautiful Chateau Grand Bari winery in Slovakia and another in front of breath-taking coastal scenery on the Azores, he set the bar even higher in 2021 – quite literally! For the 4th edition of his Sunset Boulevard event series, DJ EKG played at a height of over 90 metres on the small viewing platform of the UFO Tower Restaurant, which offers visitors a 360° panoramic view of Bratislava. For the sound reinforcement of the unique live set, Techhouse, the technical service provider responsible, relied on the many advantages of the LD Systems MAUI 44 G2 column system.

“DJ EKG is an absolute sound freak – everything revolves around the dynamics of his music,” explains Juraj Grafik, CEO from Techhouse. For the sound reinforcement on the approximately 40 square metre platform, Techhouse relied on a MAUI 44 G2 stereo set, featuring a total of four MAUI 44 G2 15” subwoofers. “When we showed DJ EKG the MAUI 44 G2  photos beforehand, he was sceptical at first. He couldn’t imagine that such a compact system would be sufficient for his music and sound ideas. But in hindsight, he had to admit that the MAUI 44 G2 delivered the best sound of any Sunset Boulevard edition!”

In such an unusual location, most other sound systems with comparable output were out of the running early on – after all, all the technology had to be transported 80 metres up to the restaurant via the visitor lifts, and for the last 10-15 metres had to be carried manually up narrow stairs to the viewing platform.

At the top of the platform, the crowd danced freely across the entire area. In order to provide the 360° view with a clean 360° sound, the Techhouse crew used the cardioid function of the MAUI 44 G2 subwoofers, which delivers a much quieter sound behind the subs. Two ICOA 12 coaxial speakers were also placed on the subwoofers as a monitor for DJ EKG.


As the sun slowly disappeared behind the Bratislava horizon, the hour of the Cameo PIXBAR LED bars arrived. While the six PIXBAR 650 C PROs on the floor provided atmospheric coloured light and ambience, the single PIXBAR DTW PRO had a special task: placed directly in front of DJ EKG at chest height, the tri-LED bar put the protagonist in the perfect white light for the video shoot.


Although Techhouse already knew of the performance capabilities of the MAUI 44 G2 from demos, the 4th edition of Sunset Boulevard was the first event for them featuring the largest column system from LD Systems. It was not to remain a one-off for long, though: less than two months later, Bratislava’s BeeFree Festival once again gathered a dancing crowd on the UFO platform – and Techhouse’s MAUI 44 G2 setup delivered here as well.

The following products were used in the UFO Tower:
02 x LD Systems MAUI 44 G2 column PA systems
02 x LD Systems MAUI 44 G2 SUB active 15” subwoofers
02 x LD Systems ICOA 12 12” passive coaxial PA loudspeakers
06 x Cameo PIXBAR 650 C PRO 8 x 30 W COB LED bars
01 x Cameo PIXBAR DTW PRO 12 x 10 W Tri-LED bar

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