Press: Award-winning product design— Red Dot Award 2021 for LD Systems and Gravity

Neu-Anspach, Germany— May 04, 2021—The Adam Hall Group can once again look forward to receiving multiple Red Dot Awards in the Product Design category in 2021. An impressive four products were awarded the internationally renowned Red Dot Award 2021: the LD Systems MAUI® i1 installation column speaker, the DQOR® installation speaker series, the wireless U500® IEM in-ear monitoring system, and the Gravity MA Pop 1 pop filter with the innovative VARI®arm. The Adam Hall Group, headquartered in Neu-Anspach, Hesse, Germany, considers the new RedDot Awards further proof that the company is on the right track in developing event technology solutions that impress customers with their combination of innovative technology and user-friendly design in daily use.


LD Systems MAUI® i1

The MAUI® i1 was developed for acoustically demanding interiors in which music and speech must be clearly understood, even at the very back. At the same time, this column speaker delivers incredible results outdoors too, thanks to its weatherproof membranes, aluminum speaker grille, and the weatherproof cover for the connection plate.

Although the typical angle – the key element of the characteristic LD Systems® brand design – is of course also present in the MAUI® i1, it is elegantly reduced so as not to disrupt the architecture of the environment. For the same reason, the speaker comes with a practical U-bracket for wall mounting, and is available in either black or white. This lets the MAUI® i1 blend discreetly into any location, delivering crystal-clear sound thanks to its narrow vertical and wide horizontal beam angle. This avoids unnecessary reflections on the walls and ceiling, and makes the sound transparent everywhere.


LD Systems DQOR® Series

Developed in Germany, the LD Systems® DQOR® series offers permanently installable speakers for indoor or outdoor use. The characteristic brand design guides the user’s view directly to the functional elements; even the discreet blackout logo is visually restrained. This leaves the visible surfaces untouched, and gives the speaker a simple, attractive look.

The practical, sophisticated mounting system featuring an integrated wall mount – which conceals the cable harnesses and makes attaching the loudspeaker unit to walls extremely simple – also serves this purpose. The elegant DQOR® series loudspeaker units are available in three different sizes and come in either black or white – perfect for any occasion.


LD Systems U500® IEM

Many musicians need to be able to move around on stage and hear themselves and their band in every position to get the right vibe and deliver their best performance – a perfect job for LD Systems® U500® series wireless in-ear monitoring systems! This series isn’t just ergonomic and comfortable to wear – it also delivers the best audio quality with individual adjustment options for the monitor mix, offers intuitive operation on the front panel, and boasts a modern, discreet design.

The U500® IEM series is, of course, also available in the characteristic LD Systems® brand design, with its typical slight angles inspired by sound waves. Control units are elegantly framed by these angles to create a clear overall look and ensure easy operation.


Gravity MA Pop 1

In addition to preventing unwanted popping noises during vocal recordings, pop protection must slot as discreetly as possible into the respective working environment; this is achieved through simplicity of design and the minimalistic use of materials. Only a radical reduction in function and application enables the artist to fully concentrate on their creative work. At the same time, it must be possible to quickly and easily adjust a pop protection system to every conceivable position.

With the Gravity MA Pop 1, these requirements are met by a multifunctional joint system – the Vari-Arm®. By twisting all the joints with just one set screw, individual positioning in every situation is guaranteed. What’s more, the clever interlocking of the central joint ensures reliable locking in the desired position. The MA Pop 1 can also be attached to existing objects with maximum flexibility, thanks to its solid fastening clip.


From June 21 2021, the LD Systems U500® IEM series and Gravity MA Pop 1 will be featured in the online exhibition on the Red Dot website. On this day, the Red Dot Design Week will also commence to honor this year’s winners, including the Adam Hall Group. From June 22 2021, the LD Systems MAUI® i1 and LD Systems DQOR® series will also be on display in the “Design on Stage” exhibition at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany, which will present all of the prize-winning products.

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