Lifeline made of light – Cameo FLAT PRO series illuminates the riverbanks in Murcia, Spain

Rivers often act as the lifelines of a city – both biogeographically and socially. Life emanates from here, and people meet along rivers in a variety of ways. Until the end of 2020, residents of the Spanish city of Murcia will be able to experience their Rio Segura river in a very special light: since March, the promenades have been showcased on both sides by a lighting installation covering several kilometres. The responsible lighting designer José Luis Martinez Brocal used 161 Cameo FLAT PRO® 7 IP65 RGBWA outdoor PAR spotlights for this purpose.

Cameo FLAT PRO Installation Segura River in Murcia Spain

The lighting installation lasting a lot of time at the Rio Segura is a joint concept between José Luis Martinez Brocal (Sonido 1) and Francisco Sandoval, Technical Director for the City Council. Together, the two lighting enthusiasts were looking for an opportunity to make the river bank even more vibrant, while simultaneously promoting sports and cultural activities. From the very beginning of their collaboration, the team provided multi-colored lighting for various festivals and holidays, including the Spanish national holiday in mid-October.

“It was not easy to find a spotlight that met all our requirements for powerful light, high-quality colors, low power consumption, and comprehensive outdoor suitability,” explains José Luis Martinez Brocal.

“The FLAT PRO 7 has a beautifully focused beam to light the six meter-high columns along the promenade from the ground.“

José Luis Martinez Brocal

As an additional highlight, the people responsible illuminated the futuristic Santiago-Calatrava bridge with 18 FLAT PRO 12 IP65 units. A team from the Spanish construction company Ferrovial was responsible for the installation of around 180 Cameo spotlights on site.

As IP65-certified spotlights, the two RGBWA FLAT PRO 7 and FLAP PRO 12 spotlights make it possible to design creative lighting effects outdoors. With light intensities of 10,000 (FLAT PRO 7) or 15,000 lux (FLAT PRO 12) and a beam angle of 30°, the extremely flat spotlights are particularly suitable for applications in confined spaces. For outdoor applications, IP65 models are fully protected against dust and spraying water.

The following products are used:
161x Cameo FLAT PRO 7 IP65 outdoor PAR spotlights
18x Cameo FLAT PRO 12 IP65 outdoor PAR spotlights

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