From every angle – Cameo ZENIT® W600 illuminates BCM night club on Mallorca

BCM is an iconic party location on Mallorca and the largest club in the Balearic Island, with a capacity of around 4,000 people. The expansive discotheque is located in Magaluf and was built at the end of the 1980s. It is currently in hibernation, but the owners of Grupo Cursach – BCM stands for the initials of founder Bartolomé Cursach Mas – are using the downtime for extensive renovation work. Because one thing is certain: BCM will live on! And the life of the party will be the 20 Cameo ZENIT® W600 Outdoor LED wash lights, which can continually immerse the front facade of the club in atmospheric colors.

“For BCM, we need to project a sense of real luxury. The spotlights also need to be as robust as possible and IP65-certified,” explain Daniel Morales, Technical Director and Alex A. Cooper, Lighting Manager of Grupo Cursach.

“Since we aim the spotlights at the building from different distances, we require a highly flexible dispersion behavior in order to create a homogeneous overall impression.“

In particular, the 21,000 lumens of the bright ZENIT W600 spotlights met the latter requirement with ease, thanks to the interchangeable SnapMag® filter frames.

For the ZENIT W600 lights directly on the floor in front of the wall, Morales used the 60° x 10° filter frames to generate more coverage in the lower facade area. The remaining spotlights shine on the upper wall areas and are used without filter frames. “The standard 18° beam angle of the wash lights matched the selected distance perfectly – the result impressed us all.“

Grupo Cursach has been working with Cameo lighting technology solutions for years. BCM already uses several D FORCE 5000 RGB show lasers and ZENIT B60 B battery-powered PAR spotlights. Grupo Cursach, one of the leading companies in the Mallorca event industry, has also invested in various AURO SPOT Z300 spot moving heads and Q-SPOT outdoor spots in the past, and successfully used them in the largest fitness club on the island – Megasport Gym. In the new BCM project, the excellent experiences Daniel Morales and Alex A. Cooper enjoyed with Cameo products also played a decisive role in the selection of the ZENIT W600.

The following products are used at BCM:
20x Cameo ZENIT W600 LED outdoor wash light

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