Modern Lighting for Denmark’s Oldest Mall – Cameo in the Rødovre Center

The Rødovre Center in the Copenhagen suburb with same name has been a shopping institution for more than 50 years. Based on malls in the USA, Aage Knudsen opened Denmark’s first shopping center and Northern Europe’s largest mall in 1966 on the former site of a large garden center. Today, the Rødovre Center is home to around 200 shops and restaurants, a movie theater, doctor’s offices, apartments, and business offices. The multifunctional mall has been renovated and upgraded several times over the past decades, however, the old PAR 64 cans used to illuminate the central event stage were left untouched and were consuming a disproportionate amount of power of approx. 46,000 watts. In January 2020, the lighting technology was finally updated by Prime Production and Cameo.

Efficient LED spotlights now hang where a myriad of old PAR64 spotlights once consumed lots of energy. All in all, the 16 Cameo F2-T LED Tungsten Fresnel spotlights and 8 Cameo Flat Pro 18 RGBWA PAR spotlights consume only around 5,000 watts, and they also do a much better job of illuminating the event and exhibition space. The Danish integrator Prime Production was responsible for planning and implementing the Cameo installation, which was carried out by Peter Petersen.

“Our Rentals department has been working with the F2-T spotlights for a long time,” explains Peter Petersen. “When we landed the Rødovre Center project, we knew immediately which spotlight we’d go with.” Paired with the RGBWA color spectrum of FLAT PRO 18 LED PARs, the Cameo spotlights not only cover a wider area, they also consume less energy and require less maintenance.

“In our opinion, the F2-T spotlights are the best LED Fresnels in their price range.“

Peter Petersen

Prime Production has relied on Cameo’s versatile product range for many years. With products such as the F2-T and the FLAT PRO Series as well as the MOVO BEAM Beam Moving Heads, the AURO Spot Z300 Spot Moving Head, the compact Q-SPOT 40 RGBW, and the INSTANT HAZER 1400 PRO, the Cameo portfolio of spotlights is perfect for club and church installations or for rental purposes.

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