Club and Concert Hall Combined – LD Systems and Cameo in Spain’s Cue Club

Outfitting a club today requires selecting equipment to cover two different types of events: parties and concerts. Not every spotlight or speaker can equally fulfill the varying demands. But this isn’t the case in Cue – a club located in the Spanish city of Aranjuez near Madrid. Here, the LD Systems VA8 line array and various cameo headlights and special effects devices are delivering all-round satisfactory performance in every situation.

LD Systems & Cameo Cue Club

An extensive range of Adam Hall event technology equipment has been used at Cue since November 2019. Nico Yuste from the Spanish systems integrator TECKNOMEDIA selected the products and deliberately chose the LD Systems VA8 line array system for the 220 sqm club’s sound system.

“In clubs that also host concerts, it’s important to have enough SPL to cover the entire stage which is typically located very close to the audience. The sound system, however, also shouldn’t be too dominant or create any feedback.“

Nico Yuste
LD Systems & Cameo im Cue Club
LD Systems im Cue Club

Six VA8 line array elements were used in total to form a compact yet effective L/R system, accompanied by four STINGER SUB 18 G3 18″ subwoofers. There are also four U508 wireless microphone systems for the wireless transmission of voices.

Lasers, Fog, and High-Speed Lighting Effects

A club just isn’t a club without lasers and fog! That’s why TECKNOMEDIA installed three Cameo LUKE 1000 RGB show lasers and two Cameo STEAM WIZARD 2000 fog machines featuring integrated RGBA 4-in-1 LEDs for uniformly lit fog to really bring Cue to life as a club. The experienced rental and installation service providers also incorporated four Cameo HYDRABEAM 4000 RGBW lighting systems each equipped with 32 W RGBW Quad LED moving heads for rapid lighting effects.

“Cameo lighting technology and special effects solutions are a perfect fit for Cue and elevate the classic concert lighting with a wide variety of fresh ideas,” explains Nico Yuste. “We’ve known LD Systems and Cameo brands since the very beginning and have continuously followed their incredible development. With quality, reliability, and profitability fused together so perfectly, we’ll continue to put our trust in Adam Hall solutions in the future.”

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