All-new LD Systems® brand appearance at NAMM 2020 – Emphasizing the customer’s needs

Neu-Anspach, Germany – January 08, 2019 – LD Systems shows its new face at the Winter NAMM Show (January 16-19, 2020) in Anaheim, California. With its loudspeakers, PA systems, wireless microphones and in-ear monitoring systems, the pro audio brand of the Adam Hall Group focuses on the target groups retail, rental and install. These in turn target a wide range of end users – from musicians, bands and DJs to planning consultants and architects. With this in mind, LD Systems has repositioned the brand in terms of user orientation. The main objective of the above-mentioned target groups is to inspire and passionate people with good sound. Therefor the brand values reliability, performance, usability, design and passion are of high relevance for LD Systems, being fulfilled in its latest product developments. In addition to the new brand claim FREE YOUR SOUND including a new, welcoming communication design, the large-scale advertising campaign with image films, print ads and social media campaigns gives consumers the feeling of being understood and taken seriously by LD Systems. At LD Systems, the focus is on the individual, not only the products. The new brand appearance will be presented to the public for the first time at the Winter NAMM Show 2020.

In the past, LD Systems as a brand, like the entire branch, mainly focused on the products and its (technical) features. Now, for LD Systems, this approach has changed towards the wishes of consumers. The strong emphasis on user-friendliness results not only in new and surprising functionalities, but also in a unique, design-oriented language drawing attention to the easy-to-use, performance-driven features of the products. In addition, this change in brand identity is also reflected in the brand communication. The claim FREE YOUR SOUND therefore expresses the needs and wishes of customers in an emotional way, supported by a characteristic and friendly corporate design.

Attendees of the Winter NAMM Show can experience LD Systems’ new product solutions at the Adam Hall Group booth (Hall A #11613) and go into detail with the LD Systems product specialists regarding functionality, technical features and the new brand design. Highlights include the new active column PA system MAUI® 44 G2 with 1,500 W RMS, 130 dB Max. SPL and cardioid speaker configuration – the perfect choice for solo musicians and small combos, DJs and entertainers as well as for permanent installations. Thanks to its DynX® DSP technology the MAUI 44 G2 delivers a distortion-free sound at even maximum volumes. The use of aptX™ and AAC coding ensures high-definition full bandwidth audio over Bluetooth®, and the integration of TrueWireless Stereo™ technology enables wireless stereo sound from two MAUI 44 G2.

The new ICOA® series active coaxial PA speakers are true all-rounders for full-range, satellite and monitor applications. Thanks to its coaxial design with rotating, BEM-optimised CD horn as well as the DynX DSP presets, the ICOA fullrange systems are highly flexible in use. This is not least due to the excellent bass reproduction of the horn-loaded woofers, making the active ICOA loudspeakers not only an ideal choice for musicians, bands and entertainers, but also for mobile DJs not having a dedicated subwoofer at hand. The BT versions enable wireless Bluetooth® streaming to play entire songs or backing parts from a smartphone or tablet. The ICOA series active coaxial PA speakers comprise a 12” and a 15” version and are available with extensive, optionally available accessory for installation and transport.

“We are excited to be showcasing many new LD Systems products at NAMM 2020. As we increase outreach efforts and awareness, we remain committed to providing excellent service and support to our customers”, says Paul Narvaez, Marketing Director, Adam Hall North America. “The LD Systems team also appreciates all the artists and industry professionals who support us and we look forward to the continued growth & success of LD Systems throughout North America.”

Paul Narvaez, Marketing Director Adam Hall North America

“Over the past five years, LD Systems has undergone a tremendous development as a brand”, says Viktor Wiesner, Senior Product Manager, Pro Audio. “Above all, our brand values – reliability, performance, ease of use, design and passion – communicate a clear message to our customers and users in the retail/MI, rental and installation markets and are embodied in our latest product solutions such as the MAUI 44 G2 and the new ICOA series. We are proud that LD Systems is today regarded as a trusted and innovative brand that has earned a worldwide reputation with its column systems and wireless products. Needless to say, our evergrowing global distribution network has played a major part in this.”

Viktor Wiesner, Senior Product Manager LD Systems

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