Cameo Defies the British Weather – ZENIT® W600 Used for Ice-Skating Rink in Front of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton

In the early 19th century, King George IV of England had the Royal Pavilion built in the southern English seaside resort town of Brighton. Even today, the palace, and its grounds, built in the style of an Indian Mughal palace, remains one of the most unusual and visited palaces in Europe. For the past 9 years the Royal Pavilion has offered a Christmas open-air ice-skating rink, and JRG Productions won the lighting contract in 2018/19 for this iconic event, using various Cameo spotlights, such as the ZENIT® W600.

The attraction, which includes a large rink, a children’s rink, and a covered restaurant, sees up to 5,000 visitors a day during the ten-week winter season from November to January. The ice-skating rinks is cited immediately in front of the Royal Pavilion, which serves as a unique backdrop.

JRG Productions, led by Managing Director Jason Rattle, used a Cameo package that, all in all, included 10x ZENIT® W600 outdoor LED wash lights, 4x THUNDER WASH 600 3-in-1 effect spotlights, 8x PAR TRI 12 outdoor PAR spotlights, and 4x FLOOD 65 TRI outdoor LED floodlights. The luminaires are all controlled using the Cameo D4 software combined with a Cameo iDMX CORE WiFi and W-DMX converter.

ZENIT Debuts in Brighton

Organisers, Laine Ltd, turned to JRG Productions following poor experiences with other systems in previous years. “The fact that the rink is outdoor on the UK’s south coast, often battered by wind and rain over winter meant resistance to permeating water was an incredibly important factor in our choice of product” said Jason Rattle.

The ZENIT® W600, which was positioned around the ice-skating rink, particularly impressed the JRG lighting professionals. “The ZENIT® W600 was the perfect choice for this project – from the vibrant colors to the flexibility of the SnapMag filter frame and the comfort of integrated W-DMX control.”

Steadfast Against the Elements

“The Cameo spotlights were a breath of fresh air – they seemed not to have been affected by the weather in any way. Our 10-week season was the first one ever to run without a single lighting incident arising from water ingress, and our client was extremely pleased with how the lighting brought out the beauty of the rink and setting,” explained Jason Rattle. “We’re looking forward to continuing to work with the Cameo system for future outdoor events”.

Jason Rattle

The following products are used at the Royal Pavilion:

10x ZENIT® W600 outdoor LED wash lights
4x THUNDER WASH 600 3-in-1 effect spotlights
8x PAR TRI 12 outdoor PAR spotlights
4x FLOOD 65 TRI outdoor LED floodlights
Cameo iDMX CORE WiFi and W-DMX converter
Cameo D4 software

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