SimCo Invests in Cameo OPUS® S5 Moving Heads – Multi-Application Lighting Design for Live Productions

Neu-Anspach, Germany – August 20, 2019 – SimCo Event Technology invests in Cameo OPUS S5 Profile Spot Moving Heads. Located in the town of Erfringen-Kirchen in Baden Württemberg, Germany, near the Swiss-border city of Basel, the full-service event technology provider has featured 28 of the compact and extremely powerful LED spotlights in its lighting portfolio since March 2019. The OPUS S5 moving heads have already been used for award ceremonies and in a wide range of live productions.

The compact and powerful Cameo OPUS® S5 moving heads impressed SimCo with its bright and vivid colors, enormous light output of 17,500 lm, linear CTO correction and wide zoom range of 6° to 46°. Thanks to its range of control options (DMX, RDM, Art-Net, sACN, W-DMX™), the spotlight can also be flexibly integrated into the most diverse of setups. The OPUS® S5 is augmented by the OPUS® SP5 profile moving heads for precise and accurate spotlighting with a wide range of effects.

“We use the OPUS S5 predominantly for show-lighting applications. Its comprehensive set of features make it a superb all-purpose tool,” explains SimCo CEO Marvin Kerschner.

“The OPUS S5 is extremely flexible and can be used indoors for dignified cultural events as well as for rock ‘n’ roll.”

Marvin Kerschner.

Together with other Cameo spotlights from the AURO series, the spot moving heads will soon showcase their talents at the legendary “Baden im Blut” open-air metal festival in Weil am Rhein. “Feedback from technicians using the spots has been consistently positive. In addition to the high-output LED engine, we must especially emphasize the CMY color-blending system and the enormous zoom range.”

In addition to the OPUS and AURO series, SimCo now has a wide range of Cameo products in stock, such as the Instant Hazer with microprocessor-control. However, the Adam Hall Group’s collaboration with Marvin Kerschner began in the audio sector. The fruits of their labor can be seen in a wide range of corporate installations, including a US pharmaceutical company’s canteen sound system, which features CURV 500 arrays from LD Systems. “As a full-service provider, we value the integrated philosophy of Adam Hall as well as the direct and pleasant contact with our partners there. We are also looking forward to the possibility of a new washer in the near future,” concluded Kerschner.

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