Press: Successful Start to the Adam Hall Academy – Extensive Program and Satisfied Customers at the DEAplus PROseminare

Neu-Anspach, Germany – March 21, 2019 The Adam Hall Academy opened its doors in mid June 2018. Since its successful beginning, numerous seminars and workshop participants have made use of the extensive and constantly growing training program of the Adam Hall Group in cooperation with the training institute DEAplus. From its inception, the Adam Hall Academy was linked with the new Experience Centers at the German headquarters of the Adam Hall Group in Hessian Neu-Anspach in order to ensure that the non-proprietary PROseminars in the fields of light, sound, rigging, video and media technology are as varied, practical, and effective as possible. Since then, the following has held: For the those looking for deeper insight into the event industry or to improve upon their knowledge of professional event technology, the Adam Hall Academy and DEAplus are the place to be.

Extensive Program
The PROseminars also came to life because of the cooperation with DEAplus. Targeted to the content and methodological requirements of executives and professionals in the event industry, PROseminars provide trend-based management know-how in the areas of organization, sales, human resources, technology, law, and innovation. In this way, the current training program includes seminars on a wide range of topics, such as expert sound level measurement, safety issues and responsibilities at event venues, strategic customer management, and an current update on GDPR issues.

In addition to its constantly growing seminar program for the year 2019, the Adam Hall Group is also planning to use the Adam Hall Academy more for internal training and coaching initiatives for employees.

Experienced Instructors
Any training program stands and falls with its instructor. For the Adam Hall Academy, this is where DEAplus comes in with its lecturer pool that has grown over many years and includes event technology masters in addition to professionals in the fields of marketing/communication, architecture, design, fire protection, law, and business.

Participant Statements

Hans-Wilhelm Flegel (Managing Director H.O.F. Alutec Metallverarbeitungs GmbH & Co. KG)
Seminar: Digital Work Methods

“The ever faster flow of information via email and the resulting pressure on individual employees showed us the necessity of optimizing how my and my employee’s workspaces are arranged. Starting from this situation, the seminar was thoroughly convincing with its successful structuring of the content.

Anja Engelking (Deputy Director of Event Technology, Hannover Congress Centrum)
Seminar: Digital Work Methods

“What convinced me was the practice-based structure of the content and the opportunity to clarify case-based issues directly. I was also totally thrilled by the atmosphere of the Experience Center. We even still had time after the seminar for a small spontaneous building tour. From my professional perspective, I find it enormously important to be able to fall back on non-proprietary further education programs in order to obtain a neutral view of current topics in the event industry and the event technology sector in particular.

Detlef R. Schulz (Senior Events Technician,
Seminar: Digital Work Methods

“Digital work methods – a topic I have always wanted to approach. In addition, good communication with my DEAplus colleagues had me convinced from the very start. In addition to the content, I was especially impressed by the seminar rooms, thought out to the last detail, and the adjoining auditorium which should be setting standards in this area. And the Experience Center itself – what a treat! I have never seen anything like it in my almost 30 years of experience with international tours and events.”

Kai Bilges (Training Director, satis&fy)
Seminar: Master Update – Law

“The topics and content of the seminars are very balanced and promote life-long learning – a topic that is becoming more and more important. Besides the location, whose dimensions and options really surprised me, I appreciated that the Adam Hall Academy is really about transmitting knowledge and not about a sales.

Volker Ruf (Training and Further Education, Neumann & Müller)
Seminar: Master Update – Venue Regulation

“I participated in order to keep my finger on the pulse of time. The VStättVO material, or German venue regulation, is not easy and be very dry, which is why the personal exchange  with colleagues was very important to me – an aspect that has been expertly molded into the structure of the seminar. In the future, I would hope to see a few more seminars about optimized cooperation with various public authorities.”

Statement from Management
“In building the Experience Center, we were consciously investing in the future of the event technology industry, and that certainly includes training and further education opportunities for the people who work in this field,” explains Alexander Pitschmann, CEO of the Adam Hall Group. “We are very glad that the seminar program is so well received. Our partner DEAplus, with its extensive experience in this sector, deserves a lot of praise here. We are also very pleased that the Experience Center is not just another dreary training location, it is a living meeting place where Academy participants can converse with our employees before, during, and after the seminars in order to create networks and discuss various topics.”

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