Child-tested and fit for the museum – FRAMEWAVE uses the CURV 500 array system from LD Systems to provide sound for the “De Fabeltjeskrant” exhibition in Rotterdam

Known by every child in the Netherlands – from 1968 to 1989, the TV series “Fabeltjeskrant” ran for 1,640 episodes, delighting both young and old by bringing animal characters to life with a combination of puppetry and stop-motion animation. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of “De  Fabeltjeskrant”, Rotterdam event agency  Bureau Vermaeck organised a large retrospective of the children’s series, featuring numerous original pieces and scenery, at the Las Palmas exhibition centre in Rotterdam. Children and grown-ups could even produce their own Fabeltjeskrant episode. Dutch sound designer Rick van der Vegt from AV service providers FRAMEWAVE used the compact CURV 500 array systems from LD Systems to provide the sound for the individual areas.

“Our preparations began about two weeks before the opening of the exhibition on 28 September,” says Rick van der Vegt, who, together with his FRAMEWAVE colleague Sander Timmers, was responsible for the audio installation. Four CURV 500 sets comprising a total of eight S2 array satellites and four D SAT duplex satellites were used to provide sound for the individual stations. The 12 x 12-cm satellites with 4” midrange drivers and three 1” tweeters were powered by two CURV 500 iAMP 4-channel installation power amplifiers and two DSP 44 K 4-channelpower amplifiers, featuring comprehensive DSP functions and a Dante™ interface.

FRAMEWAVE’s Rick van der Vegt explains in interview why he chose the CURV 500 systems for the nationally acclaimed exhibition, and the challenges presented by the individual stations and the crooked spaces:

Rick, why did you choose the LD CURV 500? What requirements did you have to fulfil?

Rick van der Vegt: First and foremost, we had to provide consistent sound dispersion. At the same time, the loudspeakers were not to detract from the character of the exhibition and had to remain almost invisible. With their clever design, the CURV 500 passed both tests with flying colours.

What specific challenges did you meet during the installation phase on site?

Rick van der Vegt: Due to the number of speakers distributed across the room, there was a lot of cross-talk when all of the videos were played at all of the stations simultaneously. Here it became evident that the CURV 500 was the perfect choice, because we were able to precisely control the beam angle as required by adjusting the orientation of the satellites. For one particular station – a walk-through forest – we even created a surround sound system with the CURV 500, which sounded absolutely fantastic.

What experience of the CURV 500 did you already have prior to this project?

Rick van der Vegt: We have been using the CURV 500 systems for a long time – especially for speaking events with audiences of up to 500 people. The “De Fabeltjeskrant” exhibition at Las Palmas, however, was a special challenge and has strengthened our conviction to exploit the CURV 500’s flexibility even more in the future.

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