Press: Adam Hall Group Strengthens Presence in USA with New Adam Hall North America, Inc. Premieres Innovations at Winter NAMM 2019

Neu-Anspach, Germany – January 21, 2019 – After successfully forming Adam Hall North America, Inc. in 2018, the Adam Hall Group, a global manufacturer and supplier of event technology solutions, has expanded its reach and product availability in the USA and Canada. Merging with its distribution partner, Musical Distributors Group (MDG), the new Adam Hall North America, Inc. combines the sales and service expertise of its North American team with the operational, logistics and marketing strengths of the Group providing a complete service package to the North American market.

During the Winter NAMM Show (January 24–27, 2019) in Anaheim, California, the Adam Hall Group will be presenting various innovations at its booth in Hall A (#11514). In addition to showcasing new product innovations, its Palmer line will debut its new brand identity to the public at the show. With an eye on both its heritage and the future, the Adam Hall Group is expanding the Palmer portfolio to include a variety of digital hybrid products with a new look and corresponding appeal.

“As an Adam Hall Group brand, the newly revamped presence of Palmer at the Winter NAMM Show 2019 marks the beginning of a new era for us,” says Robin Henlich, Product Manager, Pro Audio. “Times are changing and so is Palmer. Our focus is on the continued evolution of the brand with digital hybrid products while staying true to its heritage and mission to help musicians and sound professionals create pure signals in the pursuit of defining their own sound.”

Starting out in 1980 as a customization workshop, the Palmer brand has since evolved into a trusted brand among guitarists, bass players, and professional audio technicians worldwide. With a selection ranging from amplifiers and speaker simulators to a wide array of pedalboards and indispensable, small live and studio tools such as DI boxes, splitters, and controllers, Palmer products impress both musicians and audio technicians with their clever technical designs, handcrafted quality components, and innovative features.

Palmer: For the Official Mix
The new Monicon XL presents the flagship of the Monicon series. As one of the first products to emerge, the intuitive monitor controller epitomizes the new Palmer design language that will characterize the brand’s superior image. Equipped with many professional features, the Palmer Monicon XL is the tool of choice for perfect mixing in both home studio and modern studio environments.

Both simple to operate and boasting professional specs, this monitor controller makes the difference. The clearly structured user interface is enhanced by the innovative console design. Thanks to its streamline and uncluttered division over two levels, the central control and display elements are inclined towards the user to facilitate more flexible positioning on tables and foster comfortable working.

A unique feature of the Monicon XL is its correlation meter. The professional audio technology meter displays the phase difference between the left and right channel of a stereo signal, thus revealing mono compatibility errors in a mix.

The completely analog audio circuit means there is no latency when monitoring; coaxial S/PDIF signals are converted directly at input. Users seeking a more flexible setup for their L/R studio monitors also benefit from the additional sub out on the rear side of the Monicon XL. The mono-summed output is frequency-neutral and is not only suitable for connecting to a subwoofer, but also to a separate mono speaker in order to verify the mix in mono both visually as well as acoustically with the correlation meter.

Popular Tools for Musicians

The Palmer Pocket Amp series success story is set to continue into 2019. The MK2 pocket amp for electronic guitarists, the Bass Pocket Amp for bassists, and the Acoustic Pocket Amp for acoustic stringed instruments provide three portable preamps that distinguish themselves with their excellent sound and powerful sound design options. As versatile tools for practice, recording, and gigs, the Palmer Pocket Amps are the first choice for quality-conscious musicians, artists and sound professionals.

Active Studio Monitors
Palmer also presents the STUDIMON5, an active 5-inch studio monitor in a highly compact bass reflex design. Like the other new releases, STUDIMON5 characterizes the new Palmer brand language and, thanks to their elegant wooden side panels, the studio monitors can not only be used in the studio, but also flexibly integrated into other professional audio environments. On the rear, the studio monitors feature a bass reflex port, jack and XLR inputs as well as a volume control.

LD Systems: New Wireless System Solutions
The new U300 series UHF wireless system from LD Systems provides comprehensive system solutions based on reliable and easy-to-operate wireless technology. U300 Wireless Systems offer solutions with headsets, lavalier or clip microphones, a version for electric guitars and basses, and sets with handheld microphones. The series is complemented by the U300 Wireless In-Ear Monitoring (IEM) Systems. Depending on the version chosen, both the IEM and UHF radio systems cover different frequency ranges, making it easy to get started and expand in the world of wireless technology.

When developing the new wireless equipment, LD Systems placed great emphasis on long-term reliability, interference-free operation and worthy transmission properties. The bodypack’s 10 mW transmission power, effective squelch with pilot tone, and a frequency response of up to 25 Hz also permit professional audio quality transmission of 5-string basses with a low H-string.

Thanks to one-touch infrared synchronization and intuitive user guidance, the U300 series Diversity UHF wireless systems, developed in Germany, are ready for immediate use. The U300 series handheld transmitter features dynamic cardioid capsules and offers a wide frequency response of 55 Hz to 16 kHz. Depending on the charge level of the AA batteries used, over ten hours operating time is possible. The microphones are compatible with the U500 series capsules and can be tuned flexibly in vocal and voice applications, meaning condenser microphones and hypercardioid microphone heads can also be used.

The U300 systems provide twelve channels and are available in various frequency ranges so that they can be used around the world. Depending on the frequency band, and under optimal environmental conditions, up to six parallel radio links can be operated with the U300 series. A 19” rack mount set for the U300 receiver is also available.

Gravity: Practical Innovations
Gravity’s premium stands are a success story that began with their introduction in 2015. Awarded the internationally renowned Red Dot and IF awards in 2016, the innovative stands and accessories from the Adam Hall Group now cover an extensive range of applications with their unmistakable design.

Gravity’s Stereobar Plus does not reinvent the stereo bar, but adds a high-quality product to the market offering more professional features. In addition to the bar design made entirely of aluminum, particularly critical components were manufactured using an extremely precise CNC process. Combined with the extensive angle and distance markings, the Stereobar Plus ensures precise microphone alignment for reproducible results.

No less practical are the new MA DRINK drink holders in sizes M and L. In contrast to the many other solutions on the market that are attached to microphone stands, the MA DRINK relies on plastic housing, not steel. The benefit: the unwanted transmission of vibrations to the stand that result from inserting or removing cups or bottles are reduced to a minimum, allowing the artist to focus entirely on the performance with their microphone or instrument.

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