Phat Beats Under Control – Opium Club in Toulouse Booms with VA8 Line Array from LD Systems

Neu-Anspach, Germany – January 10, 2019 – Located in the center of Toulouse, Opium Club characterizes the club scene of this city in the south of France. Opened in 2011, the club impresses its guests each week with a varied mix of EDM styles, from House to Techno. In order to delight the increasing number of international guest DJs with a powerful in-house system, this year Opium Club invested in a VA 8 line array from LD Systems.

The club system was planned and installed in September by French integrator D-Pulp Event, and features 8 x VA 8 dual 8’’ line array systems, suspended above the left and right wings of the DJ stage. The bass range of the compact high-performance main system is augmented by 4 x V 215 SUB 2 × 15″ bass reflex subwoofers on the floor. Three DSP 45 K 4-channel power amplifiers with DSP control provide the power.

Optimum Sound for Top DJs
“The owners of Opium gave us a clear specification: The sound should be a significantly better than that of the previous system. And in terms of clarity, punch and dynamics, it should meet the requirements of the top DJs who have already played at internationally renowned clubs,” explains Julien Barichard of D-Pulp Event. Due to the club’s elongated room shape and its location in the city center, Barichard and his team opted for a line array system to facilitate precise control of frequency dispersion and levels.

“It was necessary to keep the sound as consistent as possible over the first 75% of the room and let it diminish in a controlled manner over the last quarter so as not to spill out onto the neighboring residential street,” continues Barichard. “For the bass frequencies we chose 15″ subwoofer systems for an optimal balance between punch and control.”

Sound Reinforcement for the VIP Area
For the adjacent VIP area behind the line arrays, D-Pulp installed four additional Stinger 10 G3 2-way speakers that are powered with 2 x 800 watts from a DEEP2 1600 power amplifier.

“The VA8 is perfect for electronic club music and offers an unbeatable price-performance ratio,” concludes Julien Barichard. “Plus, in our opinion, LD Systems has always represented the highest level of reliability.”

The following LD Systems products are in use at Opium Club:
8 x LD Systems VA-8 line arrays
4 x LD Systems V 215 SUB subwoofers
3 x LD Systems DSP 45 K 4-channel DSP power amplifiers
4 x LD Systems Stinger 10 G3 2-way PA speakers
1 x LD Systems DEEP2 1600 PA power amplifier

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