Impressive Flexibility

Cameo ZENIT W600 lights up the anniversary of PS.SPEICHER in Einbeck. Outdoor architectural lighting from light-house Göttingen Gmbh.

PS.SPEICHER is a nationally known motorcycle and automobile museum in the former Hanseatic town of Einbeck in Lower Saxony. However, it does not see itself as a museum in the traditional sense, rather a “comprehensive and diverse experience exhibition that delights and attracts visitors again and again with special displays and ever-changing productions.”
The six-story former grain house (exhibition space: 4,000 m²) was expanded in 2016 to accommodate the PS.Hall – a newly constructed building complex, which serves as an additional exhibition hall and can also be rented for external meetings, seminars, banquets and conferences. In order to be able to provide flexible lighting for the different event types, the event organisers, in consultation with the responsible technical service provider light-house Göttingen, chose the ZENIT F600 LED wash lights from Cameo Light.

In addition to the permanent installation above the multi-purpose stage in the PS Hall, light-house also used the ZENIT W600 for the outdoor area. In this way, PS.SPEICHER celebrated its fourth anniversary at the end of July and invited everyone to a three-day event including a large birthday party with live music in the courtyard of the premises. The PS Hall tower rose above the proceedings, bathed atmospherically in light from a variety of perspectives by the ZENIT W600s.

“We positioned the W600s – in combination with diffusers – both directly in front of the tower as well as on the surrounding buildings, so as to be able to light the building in a variety of ways from all sides,” explains Steffen Mühl, Managing Director of light-house Göttingen.

“The ZENIT W600 has been part of our portfolio since February 2018 and has since proved its worth as a flexible floodlight, delivering impressive performance both indoor and outdoors.”

Steffen Mühl

The ZENIT W600 is equipped with Cameo’s innovative SnapMag® magnetic technology which enables rapid changes of filter frame and beam angle without the need for additional tools. The flexible SnapMag® frames with precision diffusers and barn doors with four adjustable wing limiters are available as special accessories and are installed securely and permanently.

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