IDEAS BOX from Libraries without Borders uses case hardware from the Adam Hall Group

Since 2007, Libraries without Borders (LWB), the non-profit organisation founded by Patrick Weil, has been pursuing its goal of providing people of the world – especially the poorest and destitute – with the means to access information and education. LWB is now active in 25 countries, working in the areas of humanitarian emergencies and conflict, education and culture and social entrepreneurship. Thanks to its offices in the USA and in Europe, now more than two million people worldwide benefit from LWB programmes. An integral part of this success story is the revolutionary IDEAS BOX – a mobile media centre with Adam Hall Group case hardware as its base.

The idea for the IDEAS BOX was developed in collaboration with the French designer Philippe Starck as a reaction to the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010, and provides people in need with access to information, education and culture. From the outside it may just be a few robust flight cases on two pallets, but in less than 20 minutes the colourful tool kit is transformed into a comprehensive multimedia environment over an area of 100 m2. The key feature: The IDEAS BOX is not only robust and easy to transport, but also entirely self-sufficient – thanks to an integrated generator power supply.

Modular Concept
An IDEAS BOX consists of four thematically self-contained modules (IT, library, cinema and administration) including tables and chairs (in part, the cases themselves can also be converted into seating). In this way, the IDEAS BOX users have access to the internet, tablets and laptops, printed and e-books, HD TV, a projector, an inflatable stage for performances and presentations, HD cameras, graphics and video software, scanners and electronics kits featuring Raspberry Pi boards – all efficiently packed in in flightcases made from the Adam Hall Hardware line.

Worldwide Availability
“The IDEAS BOX is a global project. As such, we were looking for a provider and supplier who is able to guarantee the availability of products all over the world,” explains Fabrice Poncet, Managing Director of La Fabrique, produced by the IDEAS BOX in Francheville, near Lyon. “In addition to the availability, the range of products and of course, the quality of the case components also played a key role. From the outset, we found the perfect partner in the Adam Hall Group.”
La Fabrique
Since the IDEAS BOX is used in different regions of the world and – true to its mobile and humanitarian concept – was developed for the long-term transport of valuable equipment under occasionally extreme conditions, both the outside and inside of the cases must not only be flexible, but also light-weight, hard-wearing and, above all, climate-resistant.

Humanitarian Merits
“In the meantime, the comprehensive potential and modularity of the IDEAS BOX has been proven in numerous projects,” added Jérémy Lachal, General Director of Libraries without Borders. Merits which have been achieved with great deal of humanity, creativity and tenacity. The Adam Hall Group is proud to participate and to be able to contribute in the realisation of this meaningful project.

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