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Cameo Light Lightshow Rea Garvey Roots Tour Light Design by Chris Rocketchris Glatthor

Back to the Roots – Chris Glatthor and Cameo on Rea Garvey’s club tour

It’s been 23 years since Rea Garvey and his former band Reamonn stormed their way up the charts with “Supergirl”. Today, the likable Irishman is one of Germany’s most popular musicians and a frequent...
NicLen Investment Cameo Light ZENIT Z180 G2 LED PAR Spotlights

NicLen invests in Cameo ZENIT Z180 G2 IP65 LED PAR spotlights

NicLen GmbH continues to rely on Cameo: with its latest investment in the ZENIT Z180 G2 LED PAR spotlight, the leading dry hire provider is expanding its lighting technology portfolio with a powerful and...
Cameo Light at The Voice Thailand with Cameo OPUS H5 OPUS SP5 F4 and F2 Fresnel Spotlights ZENIT W600 Wash Light

New Light For New Stars – The Voice Thailand Relies On Cameo

2022 sees The Voice Thailand entering its eighth season. The jury members include Thai pop star Kong Saharat, the “Godfather of Thai Hip Hop” Joey Boy, singer and actress Jennifer Kim as well as...
Cameo Light Outdoor Installation at Naturaleza Encendida: Beguiling Botanical Garden in Madrid with Cameo ZENIT W600 and ZENIT Z180 G2

Enchanting Winter Lightscape at Naturaleza Encendida: Cameo Lights up Beguiling Botanical Garden in Madrid

The Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid is considered one of the main attractions in the Spanish capital. It showcases over 5,000 plant species and covers an area of eight hectares in the centre of...